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OK~~ So your want to buy a new pet!

So you want to buy a new pet and your thinking, HMMMM, what kind of pet would I like? You can either think about this or buy randomly, like my family has a bad habit of doing.. The first thought that comes to mind is what type of home do I live in, is it big, small, will the landlord allow pets, am I allergic to anything.. so many questions with so many pets to choose from. Another huge consideration would be, can you easily afford this new family member, especially in this economy? Again, that depends on your pet purchase, obviously a fish will be a lot less expensive than a dog or cat for instance. Sometimes, people forget that dogs and cats should be at the veterinarian office for there yearly check ups/shots and so on. This is very costly, especially if you have a large variety of pets, like me! Every time you turn around, one of your four legged friends needs something done! Sometimes, they cost more than your two legged kids! They also need to be fed, groomed, walked, played with, and loved..Another consideration would be, should you adopt a pet or should you buy from a breeder! That is your own preference, but the most important thing to do, is a back ground check on both, make sure the animal rescue or breeder is highly recommended and is clean and the pets are all happy and there are absolutely NO SICK PETS in there facility. You can even ask for references, they should be very happy to supply you with a couple of non-family members phone numbers...

Another thought comes to mind is what happens when you go on vacation or you just want to go away for a long romantic weekend, boarding can be very costly, so if you don't have someone lined up before you receive your new family member, you may not be going anywhere for a very long time!!

I hope you think about all the what ifs before you run out for that new family member! A lot of pets are left at animal shelters or abandoned on the side of the road and then you feel bad for everyone involved, including the pet, for a very long time and that my dear friends, is not really worth it!

Happy Birthday!

It's not Ariel's birthday, it's Audrey's! Happy Birthday girlfriend! Ariel is my Springer Spaniel.. She is my extremely emotional pet, she smiles, we know when she is sad, bored, sick...she is amazing with the facial expressions. I took this photo outside the Vet's office. She doesn't mind going to the Vet too much though, being 11 years old, she is use to it!

Yeah! It's Friday!!

Happy Fabulous Friday! I am having a great day, my son made it through his first week of school, my pets are all healthy, I'm updating my blogs and I have a cool new addition coming soon that I'm sure you are going to love! I'm very excited about that!! I'm not going to let you know until I'm ready!!

I am getting more and more comments left, and I am thrilled about that.. I just wanted to check in to touch base with you and I hope you have an Amazing Day!

If you want to say Thanks...

If you want to see the two blogs I listed..Mad Boastings of a Cheapskate Mom and Chicken Nuggets of Wisdom..just go to my favorite blogs and click on there link!


Just trying to go to work!

Call me crazy, but I keep on working on my blog to make it easier to follow, but I really have to go to work! I have found some great blogs to help out thanks to "Mad Boastings of a Cheapskate Mom". So I'm thinking.... I may be in business now! So if you want, buzz on over to the Cheapskate Mom and tell her THANKS for helping me out!

I have another big thank you to add today to the blog "Chicken Nuggets of Wisdom". She answered my questions to "Could this be an Anole?".. well I think she answered correctly. This is really a tropical gecko! During the day, they appear dark and usually blend in easily with the trees..at night, however, they turn this color, a scary pale color! If you have time, take a look at her website and say THANKS for helping me out!!

I hope you have an amazing day!!

Mr. Chips

Mr. Chips is so darn cute! He never gets in any trouble either.. He's not nippy, doesn't bark to much, just kind of fits in with group! We just love him sooo much!!
Alexander Pope once said, "To err is human, to forgive is divine". If you see any grammar errors or spelling errors, please forgive me. I'm truly working on my writing skills~
Thank you,

Horses at the farm

I was far away when I took this photo! This is two of the six horses that we have boarding at my mother's farm. Grazing on a beautiful warm afternoon! This is where I grew up and spent many hours helping out with all the animals. They included the horses, ponies, chickens, roosters, dogs, cats, you name it, I think my parents bought it! They both loved animals!


This is one of my mothers dogs, Gypsy! Gypsy is currently on the kitchen table! I don't think I would allow that and my mother actually said that was the first time she has ever been on the table. More than likely, the way she jumped up, she has done it more than once!


This is a pear tree that has a fallen pear with a large amount of bees and flies eating. They were so busy eating, they didn't even see me!

Six simple rules to be happy:

My dear friend sent me these five simple rules to be happy and I thought I would share them with you:
1. Free your heart from hatred.
2. Free your mind from worries.
3. Love simply.
4. Give more.
5. Expect less.
I love little messages like this!
I'm going to add the sixth rule! Be kind hearted to all your pets and animals!
I hope you have a great day! Now go hug your pets!!

Back to work!

Now that vacation is over, I am really getting back to reality! I hope you like my new background! I think it looks nice! Looking over my pictures for the past two weeks, there is no way I'm going to find colorful animals like the ones in Grand Cayman in my back yard or at my mothers farm! I will have to go to a pet store or the zoo to find the exotic animals!

I am going to get some pictures of the animals outdoors this week! You will see a big difference in the color of the birds as compared to the Caymans! I also won't get any Iguanas either! That was simply amazing that the Iguanas were everywhere! Way more than our squirrels!

Mr. O'Riely is singing away in the background! I also have to make an appointment to have his wings clipped! At the same time I am going to bring in the baby bunny to be neutered. He is beginning to spray everywhere and that is disgusting, especially when I am a clean freak in which you have to be with this many animals. After reading about bunnies, now is the time to do it! YIKES.. That is about as much drama you will get from my blog! Stress free and worry free!! So I hope I get followers even without the drama!

I hope you have an amazing day filled with joy!

The pets are really happy to see us!

For those of you who don't know, I flew home yesterday from Grand Cayman, we left the hotel at 11AM and walked in to greet all my little pets at 3:30AM. It was unbelievable! The longest trip ever, but very happy to say, we are back! The dogs and cats were so happy to see us. Even the Maine Coon cats came by the door to greet us. I missed them so much also! Talk about a good group of pets!! Thanks to my Pet Nanny, they were clean, happy and healthy!!

The best part about vacation, for me anyways, is coming home! Don't ask me why, but maybe because I can't take the pets with me! I am just a creature of habit I guess, because as much as a commotion it is with the pets, I will miss them when I go. The only real problem was Smokes eating my Minnie stuffed animal, with the Rascal Flats autographs.. You can see the autographs on her torn dress! Then as I was taking this photograph, I noticed that Smokes also started to eat the couch! That doesn't bother me though, because the couch is very old and it is in the playroom! The kids won't mind!!

Time to fly back to reality!

Reality, now that's a good word! That is what I have to do starting today!! We fly back home today, and it takes about 12 hours door to door, only because of all the delays you have at airports! I truly loved coming on vacation and taking all of these fabulous pictures for you! I will miss my new pet, Frederick, he came to see me everyday!

My Pet Nanny emailed me today, and she said that my pets were very excited that we were coming home today! We are excited too! My son starts school next week and my daughter starts college! WOW, a lot of exciting doings!

I am going to update you on my pets tomorrow~I am sure you are also wondering how they are doing and if they did any crazy antics while we were gone!! The only one I know of is Smokes eating my signed Minnie Mouse from Rascal Flats!

I hope you have an amazing day!

Could this be an Anole?

I am told this is an Anole, if anyone wants to challenge this, please send me a comment! Whatever he is, he sure is cute!

This Iguana wants to watch tennis!

This Iguana was on top of the Tennis court fence, it is probaly about 15' high! The Iguanas are everywhere!!

Iguana and the Black-necked Stilt

This is what is very surprising to me, the Iguana and Black-neck Stilt eating together. This is a common occurrence here to see the Iguana eating with several birds in his reach. The Iguana is mainly a vegetarian though!

Black-necked Stilt

This is a very common bird in Grand Cayman that was hard to photograph because it keep moving! He is Black-neck Stilt. Very pretty when he stands still, but he acts very jittery!


This is a Moorhen, which can be found near whereever there is water!


The Ching-Ching goes to the public beach to get a quick bite to eat!

The Mystery Bird has been identified!

The mystery bird is a "Juvenile Tri-Colored Heron" . Thanks to a comment, we have solved this mystery! This delightful bird will grow to be a beautiful shade of blue.

Vacation is winding down!

WOW, two weeks of vacation is winding down and taking all these pictures of the beautiful animals' in Grand Cayman was awesome! It was fun, running around with camera in hand, stopping in the middle of the roads for the Iguana's and birds! Do you know that we counted 37 Iquana's in a three mile stretch the other day on the road to the Grand Caymanian. Thirty Seven, are you kidding me...that is more than squirrels at home or even turkeys!! The weather has been great, every so often you could have a cold front come in and sit for about a week and that totally doesn't sit well with me! I think Dolphin Cove takes the prize for having the most fun! The kids truly enjoyed swimming with Dolphins and the nature trail was fabulous! My son would pick scuba diving to being the best part of the trip. I wish there camera didn't break because we would have had some awesome under water videos! Grand Cayman is suppose to be one of the top dive spots in the world! That is why we come here all the time!! The Turtle Farm was also a good place to stop, we do that every trip and it is always a crowd pleaser. We didn't make it to Hell this trip, but mostly all tourist do! People love to mail there postcards from Hell! My favorite part of the trip was eating out, as any good mother does! The Grand Caymanian has an awesome restaurant called the Blue Iguana and the wait staff and the chef are the best. We don't even have to leave the resort if we don't want too!! You can't meet nicer people than right at the Grand Caymanian.. They get five stars in my book! I also love to shop, sit in the sun and take lots of pictures! I hope to get a few more pictures today in my travels! I hope you have an amazing day!

Meet your Neighbor on Thursdays!

Today is "Meet your Neighbor on Thursdays" and I decided on LoveMy2Dogs, blogged by Tammy. I really enjoy reading her blog. Yesterday was "Wordless Wednesdays" and Tammy blogged about her grandparents, her Grandma is 90 and her Grandpa is 92! She is very lucky to still have her grandparents with her!! They look so sweet together! I wonder how long they have been married for? While your at her site, you could have a chance to win 200 postcards by "Mypostcardprinting.com". All you have to do is to go to her site, you can get there by hitting the link under "My Favorite Blogs" and then complete her information that Tammy needs! Take a look around and maybe you just might win the postcards also!! Have fun!!

The Squash Bug

I do know this is the Squash Bug. Another good find by my son! Grand Cayman does have plenty of insects to view. This Squash Bug reminds me of the Lilly bug at home that I cannot seem to get rid of!

This birds a mystery...

This bird I believe is the Tricoloured Heron. My son spotted him in front of the Grand Caymanian. If anyone has any idea what this bird is, please let me know! I would appreciate the help. I looked him up the bird book, but to no avail.. The closest bird I could find that resembles him is the heron.

Hot and Sunny!

I never did make it to the Butterfly Farm.. I didn't have any takers.. That's OK though, if you view back in my blog, you will see butterflies from my last trip to Grand Cayman. Well the good news is the Hurricane Bill is going to miss Grand Cayman. The bad news is, I am now wondering if it is going to be up in the Northern United States, because, as you guessed it, that is where I'm flying into Friday night.. When I heard this, I said ARE YOU KIDDING ME...So now, I am really watching The Weather Channel to see where Hurricane Bill is going. This is crazy, to me, anyways.
In case you were wondering where I have been, I have been working on my other blog, http://www.amazinganimalblessingsandprayers.com/ I have a new header and it looks great! You should take a look at it and let me know what you think! I get so excited over things like this!
Now if only I can learn to write like some of the other blogger's, things would be going great! I think there is a blog for everything, even for "how to take pictures", I am sure to look up that one again! I will also be visiting the blog about writing and the having the skills to write a good blog! That is just so funny to me, because I love to talk and talk and talk, but it's totally different writing down your thoughts. It comes out nothing like I say it, that is truly a gift that some people have !
I hope your having a great day and please don't forget to leave me any comments you may have!

Thank You

These flowers are for you! I just want to say thank you again, for reading my blog!

It's Cloudy but Still Hot!

It's cloudy out today and I think I'm hearing the roll of thunder..Lucky for Ariel that she is not here right now because she is deathly afraid of thunder..she tries to get on my lap, because she gets so nervous.
I am hoping you are enjoying all my animal photo's. I never thought I would be snapping away like this! But I love doing it..Thank you again for viewing my blog. I have only been blogging for a month and I have had visitors from around the world. I actually went over the 100'th visitor today! I know some of you are thinking, that's not much... But it is, seeing I've only been up and running for a short time. I even have some people coming back! So I just want to send you a great big thank you!!
I have a title for Thursday now, "Meet Your Neighbor Day". If you want me to hi-lite your blog, just let me know! It will be really great to see what other people are blogging!
I hope today I will go to the Butterfly Farm. If I have any takers that is. If it stays like this, and chances are it will clear up, they family may not want to go. If I do go, you will be sure I will snapping photo's of all the beautiful butterflies!

Hurricane Season

Well, it is very interesting being in the Caribbean during hurricane season. It can be nerve wracking if your not use to hurricanes. It is kind of like living in tornado alley, which I don't do that either.. That too would be a little nerve wracking for me also. The Island is a buzz with talk of where and when the hurricane is going to hit. I am assuming it is not going to be near Grand Cayman because I am glued to the TV. I constantly watch the Weather Channel in situations like this. Although I do have friends in the Brac, if they aren't worried, then I'm not either!
I was thinking about pet safety during the hurricane season and I came across some of these helpful hints...

1) Make sure you have proper identification of your pet.
2) Current photo of your pets.
3) Amble supply of food and water.
4) A cage or carrier/collar and leash with all the tags you should have, name/address

/rabies tag.
5) Medications.
6) Muzzle if needed.
7) Never leave your pet behind during an evacuation.
8) If you go to a shelter, the shelter may require your Veterinarian paperwork for proof of proper immunizations.

Where I come from we have a lot of thunder storms and my dogs are get very nervous during the thunder. Blizzards are easier.. Although we could loose power for days on end, I can't compare blizzards to a hurricane though. Ice Storms are also a disaster. Again, you should never leave your pets alone to take care of themselves. So it is always good to be prepared and take care of your animal family.

Dolphin Cove, Grand Cayman

My daughter and her fiance swam with the Dolphins, they got to go for a ride, kiss the Dolphins and learn a few things about them! Even though they are not native to the Caymans, the kids very much enjoyed the Dolphins at Dolphin Cove. The staff certainly takes very good care of the Dolphins and not to mention there birds!

Dolphin Cove, Grand Cayman

The Dolphins at Dolphin Cove are actually from Jamaica, they are very well taken care of and the Dolphins seem to love there home!

Dolphin Cove Grand Cayman

Cockatoo at Dolphin Cove.

Smokes really does miss us!

Happy Monday, I'm still on vacation, and I just got an update from my "Pet Nanny", you remember Smokes, cute little Smokes, well he must really miss us! Not only did he tear up one of our pillows on the couch, he also tore up my "Rascal Flats" my most favorite Country Music Band in the whole wide world, Minnie Mouse doll that they autographed. It was one of the big stuffed animals! Oh well, that will teach me not to leave it on the floor where Smokes likes to hang out! All the other guys are doing great! I am very happy for that!
I have been looking at a lot of blogs out there in blog land and let me tell you, most of them are awesome. If you want me to hi-lite one your blogs, let me know! I am thinking of having Thursday's be my day to share with you other people's blog sites. If you happen to like my blog, you can join as my blog friend. It's easy to do, just click the friend button and your in!
I can't believe, I'm here in the Caribbean and school starts next week! I haven't done any school shopping yet, but it gets much easier when they are older. My daughter starts college..YEAH..I am so proud of her. My son is going into eighth grade. He is so handsome and tall. He is my sports player. Loves basketball and baseball, but most of all, he loves animals. HMMM, I wonder where that comes from! He would be flipping out right now if he reading this..
I think today I will try to get more photo's of some pretty amazing animals! Have a great day!
Remember, to join in as a friend and if you want me to hi-lite your blog on Thursdays, let me know!

Turtle Farm Birds!

This is a very friendly Monk Parakeet. He would let anyone hold him!

Turtle Farm Birds!

Turtle Farm Birds!

Turtle Farm Birds!

The Yellow Bird...

Turtle Farm Birds!

This is the Grand Caymanian Parrot. He makes a lot of noise, that is how I spotted him! They usually live in the bush in the center of the Island, although they are seen at the beach when the Sea-grapes are ripe.

Turtle Farm Birds!

This is a common Yellow Warbler or more commonly known as the Yellow Bird.

Turtle Farm Birds!

Turtle Farm

Turtle Farm Grand Cayman Island

Today was again, hot, cloudy and a perfect day to take a field trip to the Turtle Farm in Grand Cayman. We try to get to the Turtle Farm at least once or twice a year but this year we decided to buy passes to see the whole park, not just the turtles. I never realized there was more to the park than turtles. But they had a lot of birds also. Again, I hope you enjoy all the photo's.

Caribbean Ocean video!

As promised, here is your video of the Caribbean Ocean..You can hear how windy it is today!
I wish I could get photo's for you from under the sea, but the underwater camera broke! I am hoping my son will get some pictures for me when he goes. It is totally a different world under the sea!

Sunny, Windy, Hot

You know what I absolutely love, is the smell of the ocean and the sound it makes. Maybe I will take a video of that so that you can see what I mean. Today is extremely windy, which to me is a welcome break of the intense heat.
I keep thinking about my pets at home but they are in perfect care with there pet nanny! I hope they don't miss us too much, but the pet nanny who takes care of them is AWESOME!! Thank goodness...They probably think they are on vacation also!
Frederick came by today to visit again. I find it strange how this little bird knows that I think he is cool and of all the porches he flies to mine. But as the truth be known, I drop the most crumbs while I eat!

International Homeless Animals' Day is Today

Please don't forget that today is the International Homeless Animals' day is today. You can help by lighting a candle today to help raise awareness about the effects of pet overpopulation and also animal homelessness. You can link on the the website by clicking on the title.

Amazing Bird Photo's

Surprisingly enough, there are roosters and chickens everywhere!

Grass Snake

I am told that this grass snake is harmless. I have seen a lot of them, so I am thinking that they may be right about them not being a threat~

Amazing Bird Photo's

Amazing Bird Photo's

I wonder what he is thinking? He has a beautiful red underside.

Baby Iguana

This little guy is only about one week old! He is just too cute!

Amazing Bird Photo's

Notice how this Macaw is upside down. He must have stayed like that for a good twenty minutes just swinging back and fourth..
Today is a great day, Frederick came back to visit. If you know who Frederick is, you would be happy for me!

Amazing Bird Photo's

Cockatoo basking in the hot sun~!

Amazing Bird Photo's

Dolphin Cove

Talk about the beautiful bird pictures I got today! I am going to be posting them. I went on a walk at Dolphin Cove in Grand Cayman today and the birds and Iguana's were abundant! I can't even begin to tell you how hot it is here. Nothing like back in the States! I trust you will enjoy these photos just as much as I do! You can link onto Dolphin Cove if you like by hitting the title.


Two breathtaking macaws. Macaws are native to Central and Southern America. They are the largest of the Parrot species.