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Are you kidding me.....

 You really want me to go out in Tropical Storm Irene!  Look at the leaves!  They are everywhere!

I took this picture yesterday just incase it blew over today...
The good news is, my humans brother's teepee is still standing! 

 I'm not moving....
If you listen carefully, you can hear the wind...it's very blustery here!
This poor old tree is about 50 year's.  My parent's planted it on the farm when they first moved in.  It blew over this morning.  Thankfully it fell towards the pool and not the horse field. 

Have a great rest of the weekend!


Nooooo, we are not in jail!

It's just that Mom is still working a gazillion hours a week.  Her project is almost done and she will be back!!!
Ariel, Buffy, Winston & Mr. Chips....
Smokes is under her desk waiting for her!

Hey Friends!!!

Whew, what a week!   My son and I got home from vacation in the beginning of the week and as you can see, my granddaughter is thrilled!! All my dogs were too! They greeted me at the door and it felt nice to know that they missed us!
Well, since then, I have been putting in 12 hour days at work and for the month of August, I am going to be swamped, so if you don't see me around much, that's why!
So tonight and tomorrow, I'm going to visit everyone and try to catch up!
Have a great weekend :)


From Water Spouts to Starfish...

Hello Friends, what a day we had yesterday! While my son & I were window shopping in George Town, Grand Cayman, my son spots this!  It is a water spout right off of the harbor.  A water spout is similar to a tornado over the ocean and they are usually not this big!  It was all over the Cayman 
news last night.  There were a couple of big storms at sea and the atmosphere was just right for this to happen. 
 It got bigger, then smaller.  It is full of wind also and very dangerous to be near it!  The water is coming from the clouds, not the ocean.

 Could you imagine if you were that person in the parachute...This was not that far off from land or the parachute person!

 Then it ended, just like that...the cruise ship went right by it!  YIKES!!!
 So back to walking around and we decided to head to the Cayman Island Turtle farm.  It was fun and a lot of turtles...
 Back at the condo and off the dock, we saw these beautiful sea animals right off the dock!  Who needs to go diving when you can see this and take pictures too! 
 This is a ray.
 Starfish.  I love these...
 Conch shell covered in algae.
 Spotted eagle ray....come on, you never see these this close to shore....but we did! 
 He was swimming up and down on the side of the dock. 

Ending this with another starfish!  

I made the comment about diving because my son severely traumatized his right ear and traumatized his left ear when diving a few days ago.  Both ears were bleeding, *OUCH* and his right ear is really damaged.  They went to see the new ship that was dropped on the island, only about 50' deep if that, but the dive master kept going up to 30' down to 50' up to 20' down to 60'...he could not keep his ears pressurized, so when he came up, that's when they didn't clear properly.  He was in so much pain, (he looked like he did when he broke his wrist)...I took him to the clinic, (awesome, I do say) and they said that his right ear is very bad and his left ear was bleeding too, but that didn't hurt.  He still can't hear well out of his right ear but he will be able to fly home on Sunday.  The doctor put him on pain medicine and an anti-inflammatory to calm it down. 
I'm sure he will be fine.

Well, have a great day my friends!


Views of George Town

Hi Friends,  we are still in Grand Cayman and last night we went to the 
new mall they built. It was very lovely, but not a lot of stores.  
This is one of tallest building on the Island and they let you walk
 up the five flights, but I wouldn't because I am petrified of heights!
 So, I took the elevator from the third floor to the fifth.  The walls are all open, no glass and things like that make my legs go weak.  I can't even walk next to the opening in our church and that is only one story high!!!  They have a half wall up on the second story landing.  Hotels do the same thing...
The walls next to the staircase are all painted like a coral reef.  It is really pretty.
 Views from the fifth floor.  As you can see, the island is very flat and my son is laughing
is head off because I won't come close to the window! hehehehehe
 I wouldn't go any further than this!  The elevator is right behind me.

 Views of the painted walls. 

 Views from the third floor...

After the walk to the view George Town, we stopped in this restaurant.
While I was looking at the menu...
If you notice on Sunday's listing, you can bring your pet to brunch at this mall!  They waiter told me that they serve beef stew to your pets!! I thought that was awesome.  They also give 5% of the sales to the Cayman Animal Rescue.

Have a great day!


If you would like to see more pictures of this mall, please go to my other blog...

Old time friends....

Hello friends, this is a good ol friend of mine that lives here on the island with his lovely wife.  I have known him for about 28 years now.  He's an old time fishermen!  Great guy.  
SOOOO he is thumbing through his wallet and I didn't know why and he pulled out this very old picture of my daughter...this was taken about 18 years ago!! LOL, that is just too funny! 

My son won this Rum Cake at a raffle the hotel had!  If you have never had a rum cake in a box, you should because unbelievable but true, they are delicious!!! I think we will give this to my mother and Bernie!! They will love it!

Have a great day!

Happy Vacation...round two...

Hello friends, my son and I arrived in Grand Cayman on Sunday.  At first the weather had been a little iffy, but today, it is sunny for now.  It is nice and warm, OK, very hot, but it's good just to get away from it all! 

When I was sitting at the beach, this guy was walking right in front of me.  Crazy big, he is bigger than he looks in this picture.  Iquana's in Grand Cayman are like squirrels in New England, they are every where! 

This little lizard was on my bed last night.  I figured if there is one lizard, there are probably 10...yikes
Have a great day!