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Looks who 11 !!!

Hey furiends! It's my birthday and I'm 11 years old! Does that make me 77??? I don't feel old! I really feel like a puppy! Mom bought me some gifts and I still think she bought this for her because she loves Martha Stewart!!

I even got this cute little red, squeaky toy!

Mom gave me toy treats in the middle of the day! That only happens on birthdays!

They taste great and the bowl works! Did you know that red is my favorite color~

Even Lilly likes it!

Ariel is enjoying the bone and is driving Mom crazy with the squeak, squeak, squeak!
Well, I had a great birthday! Thanks for joining in on my day!

SHHHH.....it's a secret!

What a great picture, while shopping at one of the large outlets today for pet food, I saw this big beautiful Great Dane telling this cute little Frenchie a secret...I wonder what he was saying? Enjoy your day!

It was Take Your Pets to Work Day on Friday!

On Friday, it was take your pet's to work day, but seeing I work out of my house, it was a pretty easy transition...I had to only give a few helpful tips to my secretarial crew! The very first item of the day was to get the coffee! Then, get dressed, just in case we had to make a sales call!

I informed Smokes, that it is extremely important to always look busy, even if your not!

The calls started to come in and Mom spends most of the day on the phone taking orders and answering questions...reading other people blogs....(don't tell her boss that!)

It's time for a break, in the middle of Mom's day she will run errands or go to her Mom's house. In my Mom's world, anything could happen, so she said you have to remain as flexible as possible and don't worry about little problems, it's only the big ones that matter! So if a customer calls yelling, that hardly ever happens, she will do two things, solve the problem
and not do business with them anymore. All of Mom's customer's are wonderful people and
very pleasant to deal with. She only has "happy" customers and has had this rule since she started in sales, many, many years ago! A lot of people don't agree with her, but if you have to work, then you mind as well surround yourself with nice people!

She said when your on the phone with the clients, you must take a lot of notes so you don't forget anything. Always get their names too, just in case they give your wrong information...Mom said that happens a lot!

Buffy is still trying to solve the world problems and she doesn't know where to start...I tell her to start small and then move on to the bigger issues.

When I'm working, most of my pets hang with me in my office. The cats are asleep on the couch,
The dogs are all around me. Ariel will sleep under my desk and Buffy sleeps in front of the door, Mr.Chips and Winston will sleep on the doggy bed behind my chair. Smokes is usually in the other office. Mr. O'Riely is in my office also and when I'm talking on the phone you will hear him singing in the background. Sometimes, if I'm on a conference call I have to move him out of my office!
I hope you enjoyed our day at the office!
I hope your enjoying your weekend!
Have a great day!

Thankful Thursday!

Hey friends, Happy Thursday!

I have been trying to upload pictures and videos and my lovely computer is not cooperating! I have also tried to join some blogs and again, my computer won't let me! I can't stand that when this happens. I think I have to get a new computer because I have had this one fixed a couple of times but I think it is just old and tired! So instead of pictures today, I thought I would give you "Thankful Thursdays" !

I am thankful for all my cute pets, they make me smile when they are all yapping. The kids are screaming in the background "SHUT UP" and I smile and remember the days when I lived on the farm and I would yell the same and say " I will never own any pets when I MOVE OUT!!!" I remember my mother smiling at me the same way I smile at my kids!

I am thankful for all my bloggy friends! That is a given, anyone who blogs know how you can become friends with people from all the world! It is truly amazing, if you ask me!

I am thankful that summer is finally here! I can't stand the cold but love the snow and the dogs can't either with the exception of Smokes... I also love the trees and all my flowers in the yard. I have to say this year I think I have more weeds than flowers though!

I am thankful that my daughter is having a baby in October! YEAH!! We can't wait and have been getting everything ready for the baby. She is having a little girl! In our family it seems that all the girls are having girls, we have no boy babies!! I have to pick a name for me, now that I'm going to be a Grandma, (I feel so young)... I like Grandma, but my daughter likes, GIGI, what do you think? Does anyone have any cute names you call your Grandma? I have always called mine Grandmother...kind of formal, but that is what we did and the kids call my mother Grandmother also...

Well, I have way more things that I'm thankful for, but I won't ramble any longer!

Have a great day and hopefully I will be posting pictures soon!


Get Ready!!!

Hey furiends, it's take your pet to work day on Friday, June 25th!!!
This is, as they say, a FUR-TASTIC day!What ever you do, don't let your dog eat your work!!!

Smile for the camera!

I hope all the Dad's and Granddads had a great Father's Day! We have had fun weekend. The weather was perfect and the rain held off today for us. We went to a cookout at my mother's farm and I wish I brought my camera but I forgot it!

This is as close as it gets for getting my three kitties to pose! One of these days, I'll catch them all together! I hope you all have a nice week!

A long, long time ago...

A very long time ago (about 4 weeks~), I received this award from "TWO" of my bloggy friends, The Chronicle of Woos and Olive!!! So I would like to thank both of my friends for passing this on to me!! Here are the rules....
Rule number 1:
Thank the people who gave it to you....THANK YOU Chronicle of Woos, Phantom, Thunder and Ciara and Olive!!!!
Rule number 2:
Share 9 things about yourself...
1) Lou loves to sneak outside!
2) Lilly seems happier with her new summer hair style!
3) Smokes talks all day and night and especially during dinner.
4) Bud has a girl friend, Ciara!!
5) Mr. Chips still has his same old Santa stuffy.
6) Winston is just too darn cute.
7) Ariel is going blind and if having a very hard walking up the stairs and will not walk when it it is dark.
8) Scooter will not jump from the kitchen counter to the cat counter, he likes to be placed on the counter and will stare are you until you help him!!!

9) Mom is finally busy at work! YEAH

Rule number 3:
Pass this award to some bloggers' who are your best friends....OK, you know where I'm going next, your all my best friends, I can never choose so if you haven't received this award yet, please take it on me!

Rule number 4:
Have a great weekend!


Hmmm, what does this mean...

Oh well, if you haven't noticed, I think in every picture of me, I have a red eye...I wonder if that means something? I still look like a princess though!
Mom, wanted me to tell you that she has been out straight at work, what ever that means....she'll be back in full swing in a couple of days!
Have a great day!

Thursday's feel good moment!

Hey friends, there is nothing like a cute puppy to make you feel good! This is my friend's family puppy and his name is Jake Wrigley! He is an eight week old Golden Retriever and extremely adorable!

Have a great day!


Do you think it's too late to join in the 2010 FIFA World Cup?

Have a great day!

And the winner is......

Hey everyone! Happy Sunday! Well Buffy kept saying...come on Mom, pick the winner, you said Friday you would... remember.....Oh yeah, that's right! Well here we go....Buffy is looking and thinking on where to put her paw.... Good, I spread them out and now I need help...WINSTON, where are you!

Winston, I need you, please hurry!

Here you are, you pick it, OK. I like everyone too much to just pick one name!

Fern and Bambi! You won the sign!!! YEAH

Hi Fern and Bambi, please send our Mom your address and she will mail the sign on Monday!
We will make sure she doesn't take her time like she did pulling the name.

Enjoy the rest of weekend!

Thursday's feel good moment!

Hey friends, I have a give-a-way today if you would like to enter! Today's feel good moment is that I just want you to know that I really enjoy everyone of my bloggy friends and their pets. So if you leave a comment and you would like a chance to win this cute "Wipe your Paws" sign I picked up today at the local farm stand which is made out of wood with a wire hanger, please just say that you want to enter and on Friday I will pick a winner, notify you for your mailing address and mail it off! It's that simple! Is anything ever that simple??? We will soon find out!! It's just the sign, not Scooter!!! LOL Scooter wanted me to make sure you understood that!
Good Luck everyone!