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Hey, I'm the "English" one in the house!

 I want to wear the crown!!!
If you want to see my Moms royal party pictures, please visit here.
Have a nice weekend!

Beep Beep!

I have to get to the royal wedding! 



This stuffed animal moves!!!
My Gigi wanted to show you my pretty Easter dress my Mom picked out for me.
Gigi loves me! 
Have a great day!


Happy Easter & Happy Spring!

Have a great day!

Can you see "Spring"!

The hint of spring is finally in the air. You can see the yellow on the trees and I also saw daffodils today in my yard! Yah!!
I have exciting news, well for me anyways...we are having a horse come to the barn on Friday to deliver her foal.  Then she will be going home to her stable.  The owners would like a calm setting for the birth.  I'm hoping we are not being set up with a rescue,  I'm always suspicious about things like this. So I'm having the farm manager get all the pertinent information before they drop her off.
My mother had inherited several dogs like this when she owned her kennel. It's crazy, but people often drop off their pets to say goodbye.  Let's hope this is not the case.

Just a little side note, my father had this pond put in about 40 years ago now.  My mother just told me the story about this pond that is on the farm.  When he first had the hole dug it was too small, then a year or so later, he had it enlarged to the size it is now.  It is spring fed and we use to stock it with fish.  The intent was to have the water on the farm in case of fire and twenty-five years ago when we had the big barn fire, the fire department did access this pond for water.  My mother didn't lose her house because of this but two big beautiful barns were destroyed.  The fire happened in the afternoon and all the animals were in the field.  Only my mother and the chief of the fire department were in the barn looking for the smoke and honestly, the air changed, the chief said run and by the time they were outside, the barn had a huge fire storm.  To this day, no one knows what happened.
My gut feeling, one of the young girls who were boarding the horses was smoking but we never knew.  So on that note...

I hope you all have a great day~

Follow Friday Four Fill-In Fun Blog Hop - Week 8

Hello Friends:

Welcome to the 8th weekly Follow Friday Four Fill-In Fun Blog Hop!

This week's co-host is Irene from the Soap Box.  She submitted the last two statements.  The host of the Blog Hop is Hilary over at Feeling Beachie!

This week’s statements
(my answers are in bold type)

1. Despite the fact that I should know better, I still always want to buy a pet.

2. I sit and think when I am worried.

3. I always forget names of customers when I'm not with them.  For instance, if I'm at a department store and I see a client, I draw a blank!

4. My granddaughter is the best!

Have a nice weekend my friends!


What did he do?

Smokes did what?
It's true, I ate one too many hot dogs yesterday at my party!


It's my turn!

It's my turn! It's my birthday today!!
I'm 9 years old and still act like a puppy.
My Mom says I talk too much, but I just
have a lot to say!  
I like to lie under the desk from dawn to dusk, then 
it is bedtime at 8PM sharp.  I'm not 
allowed to go outdoors anymore with out a human 
because I love to RUN!! Not because I don't like my
my humans, it just that I like to RUN!
Have a great day everyone and have a piece of 
cake for me!


Just dropping in...

It's my birthday today!!!  I was born on April 7, 2003.  My Mom can't believe that I'm 8 years old already.  She remembers when Dad and my human brother went to get me, they said that my home was really dirty and Mom wouldn't be happy if she saw the place.  Every now and then they still talk about it!  Then I was so sick as a kitten, my Grandma hand fed me while she was living with us recuperating from back surgery.  It was very lucky for me that Grandma was staying here because  I'm still here!
Now, my daily routine is to sneak out of the house in the garage.  My family won't let me out in the real world so all I do is  eat, sneak, sleep and eat some more.  I do sleep on my human brother's bed at night though.  Mom won't let me in her room anymore because I have used her room as a kitty litter box once to many times and she is not very happy about that! So, it is off limits, except for Lilly...I will have to ask Mom about that.  I thought she had no favorites!
Happy Birthday to me!
Have a great day and  I'm off waiting for my gifts!

Snow banks in April

 Dirty snow banks on April 5....we have had enough of this!

Mother, your boring them with your ugly snow pictures. 
They are probably sleeping like me by now!

Have a "Catacular Wednesday" everyone!

Having lots of fun with GIGI

Happy Monday friends!


Now you see me...

 Now you don't!   This is "Cake", a mini donkey, from my mothers farm.  She was a rescue who is about six month's pregnant.  The farm manager rescued her from the slaughter house...She is so cute and loud! LOL  Today I fed her some peppermint candies.  She loved them!
 Mom, is this cute enough...take my picture...you know I don't like donkeys.
But, you have not met me yet Buffy, I promise, I don't kick!

Have a nice weekend!