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Life on the farm...

Life on the farm is not as easy as I thought.  So many changes, so much work, crazy times. 
My beloved dog, Buffy went to the rainbow bridge two days ago.  It was very heartbreaking to me because she was my Dad's dog but she is with my Dad now and I know they are having fun and Buffy feels great!  I miss her though.
I have to put my Husky, Smokes up for adoption because I have no place for him to run.  I keep him tied up in the front yard and that's no fun.  I'm hoping he gets adopted by someone with a large fenced in yard. That will be best for him.  We do walk him but he would rather be running around. 
After my separation from my husband, the house sold and everyone moved with me to the farm except for my husband.  All the dogs, cats, and kids! LOL

For the good news, I did rescue a Springer Spaniel at Christmas for my mother.  His name is Casey, he is 1 year old and just a joy!  He knows my mother has early onset of Alzheimer's and its so good how he knows to sit by her side and not act like the crazy puppy he is when he is in the kitchen!!  He's a great watch dog too!

Life will get better, I'm sure of it!