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Wordless Wednesday!

Have a great day!

Lazy Pet Results

Martha Stewart posted the winners for the Lazy Pets! Guess I didn't win...I can hear you all saying "WHAT, YOU HAD THE BEST LAZY PETS!!", I know, but what are you going to do! You can't win all the time! But you should go see who did win, they are extremely cute! Talk about lazy pets, everyone of my nine pets is sleeping right now, in the middle of the day! What a life! The house can be so noisy at times and at other times you can actually hear Ariel snore!

I hope you like my new button Cheapskate Design did for me for "The Top Fifty Blogs for Animal Lovers that the Pet Gazette listed me on! She does awesome work!! I hope you have an amazing day and please don't forget to hug your pet!

Drabby to Fabby Friday!

I'm doing something fun this coming Friday! I am going from Drabby to Fabby! My bloggy friends over at Mad Boastings of a Cheapskate Mom and her friend, DiPaola Momma at Chicken Nuggets of Wisdom decided to hold Drabby to Fabby Friday! This is where you go from dressing down to dressing up! This should be a real treat! I have my Drabby photo already, now I have to get dressed up and take my Fabby photo! As Cheapskate Mom said, we are trying to put "Our Best Face Forward"...add some omph in our life! I could possibly look, as Cheapskate Mom said...Oh-So Fabulousness instead of looking like a Mom with 9 pets! So check back in Friday for my Drabby to Fabby photo's and if you want to join in on the fun and possibly win some give-a-ways, just check out Mad Boastings of a Cheapskate Mom, for more information!

Lady Godiva

My sister-in-law and brother rescued this Sphynx cat a few years ago. Her name is Lady Godiva!

She is about four years old and very much a love! She appears to be hairless, but some Sphynx have peach fuzz covering them. She feels like Chamois leather. Because she does not have hair, she could get cold very easily, so you can often find her sleeping under covers or next to her family! Even though I tease my sister-in-law and tell her that her cat reminds me of E.T., she just laughs at me! She also has to be bathed often because she will get an oily feeling to her. Mostly all Sphynxes are intelligent, curious, highly energetic and very affectionate to their owners.

International Rabbit Day!

Who would ever know this, certainly not me! Rabbit lovers, all over the world, (I love all rabbits) are getting ready for a very special holiday, International Rabbit Day! I was surfing the web and there it was, posted on dozens of sites! International Rabbit Day is September 25, but some rabbit lovers celebrate it on the fourth Saturday of September. This is the day that rabbit lovers protect all rabbits, pets and the ones in the wild. People take time out to learn neat things about their pet, such as the rabbit diet, what to give your rabbit for toys, health of your rabbit and the list just keeps going on and on. All kinds of interesting things are found on rabbit sites. They are also asking you not to indulge yourself on rabbit meat! I have never done this, but I do want to share with you that my husband, who grew up in Northern Minnesota, his wonderful grandmother would catch the rabbit, then they would have them for dinner. This I'm sure is something that you need not to know! I would never eat a rabbit nor have I ever eaten rabbit meat, which is my own personal preferences and thankfully, my mother's also!

If you like rabbits and you have done all the research you can on owning a rabbit as a pet, maybe now is the time to adopt a rabbit or two. Rabbits love company and they are happiest in pairs if you don't have enough time to play with them!

The Carrot Debate!

I did a little research today and I did find out that some rabbits do not like carrots, they prefer the green carrot top instead! Carrots are sweet and some rabbits do like them, but giving your rabbit more than one carrot a week could cause your rabbit to get very sick. So it turns out, my son was almost right! Some rabbits like them and some don't!

Did you have a chance to look at my new button over at Amazing Animal Blessings and Prayers.
Again, I have to thank Tamara at Cheapskate Designs! She actually went out of her way to change it a bit once we saw what it looked like on the actual site! I'm sure you know what I'm going to say next, if you need a custom button, Tamara would be more than happy to help you out!

Bud is trying out his new leash!

Bud is out for a walk on this beautiful day! Now we have him on a leash because he has learned he can take off extremely quick! Here's something interesting about Bud, he does not like carrots! I thought all rabbits like carrots, but according to my son, that is a myth made up by Bugs Bunny! Don't quote me on that, but that's what he told me! My daughter's fiance will give Bud a bath about every two weeks, he takes Bud for car rides and now for walks! I just don't let him get on any furniture because he is not quite bunny box trained yet and that could be a disaster, if you know what I mean!

Paws and Pray

Please don't forget to visit my Paws and Pray site to request any prayers you have for your pets or animals! It will only take a minute of your time. A guest just left a request for his dog Rosie, because Rosie has a leg problem, (poor little thing). So please visit this site and if you don't have any pets you would like to pray for, maybe you can just say a quick prayer for the ones who do! I hope you have an amazing day and please don't forget to hug your pet!

Lazy Pet Contest Update

This is so strange, I can't see who won the Lazy Pet contest over at Martha Stewart's Site! The contest ended on September 15 and nothing has been posted. So I have to assume we did not win! That's OK, though, they all winners in my book!! Everyone who entered the contest should get a coupon for a free bag of food! Maybe I should put that in Martha's suggestion box! That is probably why she doesn't have a suggestion box!! Ariel ended up with 85 views and Winston received a whopping 107 views out of 1,423 photo's that were submitted.

Here is a photo of Ariel with a Halloween mask on. I am going to make (what I really mean is buy) them costumes that fit more appropriately!

Scooter is sneaking a snack!

I think this is what happens when I'm not home and if there is any food left out! This is left over from my son's egg salad sandwich. He was eating it like crazy! He must like eggs!

Winston's Halloween Mask & My New Button!

I don't know if you noticed, but Tamara from Cheapskate Designs created me a new button for this blog! Now you can take my beautiful button with you! It matches perfect and I just love it! I hate to keep repeating myself, but in this case I feel I must, Tamara is awesome to work with and if you need design work or a button, she is the person to call! Cheapskate Designs is currently working on two more buttons for me! I can't wait to see them..

I have been giving this some serious thought..I would love to have you post your animal pictures with me for Halloween! How cute would that be. You can email me your Halloween Pet Photo's and I will put them on my blog throughout the month of October! That would be so much fun and I hope you join in!! I have been trying to capture my pets with masks and guess what, they hate to wear them! So please, email me at dgm1930@gmail.com your cute little furry friends all dressed up and I will show them off to everyone in October!

"Top 50 Blogs for Animal Lovers"

Hey Friends! I am so excited to tell you that The Pet Gazette was kind enough to post my blog, Amazing Animal Lovers Blog on their "Top 50 Blogs for Animal Lovers". I am just so excited by this!

The Pet Gazette is worth the visit, not only do they have interesting stories, you can also see the other 49 blogs they have chosen! The Pet Gazette is a free, bimonthly publication with an estimated readership of 75,000. They are located thoughout Los Angeles County, southeast Florida, and the Northern California Bay Area. If you want to go see the other 49 blogs, please go to the "Top 50 Blogs for Animal Lovers".

I changed it again!

I am changing my blogs theme again..I like this lay out and I hope you do too! I did love the parrot picture, I may just post that on the side bar.. Good Idea!

Lou, went to the Veterinary office today for his annual checkup. He weighs 13#, the same as last year! He was fine until I got him in the actual office, then he went a little crazy on me.. The vet was someone different than normal, but I wouldn't think Lou would remember that! Maybe he does remember who's who! I never really thought about it. Cat's must remember people.. Then the technician gave me an update on feline nutrition. My instructions say that cats require high levels of protein, moderate fat and restricted amounts of carbohydrates in the diet. It is also important to feed a diet that is manufactured and processed with high quality, organic or natural ingredients that are void of chemical preservatives and artificial flavorings. Remember, what I have mentioned in the past, if your Grandmother didn't eat it, you shouldn't either, I guess that pertains to your Grandmothers pet's also! I now have a new list of food that I will go shopping for, because I believe my Vet about what a cat should eat. I will let you know how my three cats like their new diet. But if you do switch to a new diet, remember to do it gradually or you will have one sick cat on your hands!

21 Day Challenge

I have been reading a lot of blogs and it seems that a lot of people are taking the plunge and exercising or dieting together..well, I was enjoying the postings on Farmgirl Paints blog when she said she is having a 21 day challenge for making new habits together. So I immediately said I was in! My new habit will be exercising. Getting out there and actually doing something is two different things in my book. So the truth be known, I'm not a huge fan of exercising..I do a lot and sometimes I consider that my exercise routine, such as, cleaning, driving, laundry..but to be honest, I don't think I'm loosing any weight, not that I'm too fluffy, but I could use the stress reduction! I'm going to start today by taking one of the dogs for a walk. I did walk up the stairs at church instead of using the elevator and I mentioned that I have to exercise because I made the challenge..and another teacher did say, "you don't have to exercise everyday, go every other day"! This is the problem, no moral support from anyone!
So that's my story, I will let you know how I'm doing, with any luck Winston (my very fluffy dog) and myself will get into shape.. I will be honest about it too!

Poo Poo Paper!

While I was out the other day, I came across something I have never seen before! Paper made from elephant poo, commonly referred as elephant dung! This company will make the paper from the collection and processing of the dung pulp. They collect the dried elephant dung from elephant conservation parks and bring it back to there paper-making factory. There is a process they follow to make this paper that you can read at "The Great Elephant Poo Poo Paper" Company Limited.

I bought a pad to see what it looks like. It is nice..it does not smell, it is thick, so you can use for scrap booking or craft projects and your friends will never believe this!

If you go to the website on Poo Poo Paper, you can find all kinds of fun facts about elephants! The best part about this company to me, is that a percentage of profits from the sale of this product is contributed towards the conservation of elephants.

Another Lazy Pet Update

For those of you who are following...I have the Lazy Pet update from the Martha Stewart Pet Blog Winston now has 100 views and Ariel has 76 views. There are 1,213 Lazy Pet photos to look at all trying to win free dog food for a year! The pets are real cute so you should go on over and take a look at all the pictures! But you should first grab a cup of tea because there are about 151 pages to scroll through! The contest ends on September 15, 2009 so I will let you know how Winston and Ariel do!

Paws and Pray

Please take a look at my new banner at Paws and Pray, Tamara from Cheapskate Designs did it again! Not only did she make my button, but my banner only took up half the space and she took the design and pasted it in two parts and it looks awesome! If you need a button or a design, I highly recommend her! Thank you Tamara!

Mr O'Riely and Bud hangout!

How do you like these photo's! Mr. O'Riely and Bud are hanging out! My daughters fiance, Kevin, is the one who captured these pictures. They really do get along quite well! I am really thinking about getting another cockatiel for Mr. O'Riely, I think he's lonely..but he is so loud at times, I'm not sure how much noise two of them would make. I have enough animals to take care of anyways! He is a very good cockatiel and loves to be out and about!

Lilly, what's for dinner!

Lilly is wondering, "what's for dinner!" She could be thinking, "I hope she doesn't get the cover"! (I just crack myself up!) This is so funny, if I leave a pan, dish, or baking dish not flipped over, Lilly will jump right on in! She is my cat who is deaf, so even I say "GET OUT" she won't hear me anyways! Lilly is four years old and is a Maine Coon Cat. I am sure I have mentioned this in the past. She has just recently become friendly towards me. As I have mentioned, she is very high strung and mean. If you notice in the photo there is a blue water pitcher, well, she broke it, not long ago. Not only does she sit in everything, she also knocks over everything there is on the counter! That is why my kitchen looks clean most of the time, because if I don't put it away, she will knock it down! The one thing you should never-ever do, is to leave the clothes dryer open when you not in the room, I am always so afraid that a cat will jump in, it drives me crazy! My daughter will sometimes do that and I "freak" out! I go to the extreme that I shut it if I just leave the room for a minute! With three cat's I can't take any chances!


Happy Labor Day everyone! This is Bud our bunny! He was outside today enjoying the incredible late summer sun! He is just to cute for words. Bud went to the vet on Saturday and it looks like he is almost full grown! He probably weighs about 2 #, if that! He loves hanging outside and he really doesn't travel to far. The kids love him and are constantly carrying him around with them so he is very friendly. He doesn't want to run away! Not yet anyways, he does have a leash and I strongly suggest they use it!

The Westminster Dog Show

The Westminster Dog Show is the "ultimate canine event" that is held at the Madison Square Garden in New York, NY on February 15-16, 2010. The reason why I mention this is because my Aunt Dorothy Dalton is a judge at this show! This coming year she will be judging the non-sporting group! Ten years ago when she judged at the show, she judged Martha Stewart's Chows! This was around 1999, Martha's Chows made the cut! Aunt Dorothy was also on the Martha Stewart talk show talking about the Westminster with Martha! OK, I don't know Martha, but as you know, I am a big Martha fan, my daughter would tell you that I pretend that Martha is my friend, and then my lovely daughter reminds me that I shouldn't care about Martha because she doesn't care about me! To get back to my Aunt Dorothy; she is a multiple Westminster Dog Show Judge. This means, she has judged for them several times. Now with this coming up, she is not allowed to judge any other dog show, until this one, so she doesn't have any favorites! As for a non-sporting group, these dogs would include: Poodles, American Eskimo Dog, Bichon Frise, Boston Terrier, Bulldog, Chinese Shar-Pei, Chow Chow, Dalmatian, Finnish Spitz, French Bulldog, Keeshound, Lhasa Apso, Lowchen, Schipperke, Shiba Inu, Tibetan Spaniel, Tibetan Terrier. I hope I didn't leave any breeds out!

I asked my Aunt Dorothy what makes a winner, she said it all depends on how the dog is feeling on that particular day, sometimes, the dog you think who is going to win, doesn't because he is just having an off day, just like people! But I'm sure she looks at a lot of different aspects on the dog for that particular breed.

My mother taught obedience school for at least 30 years and even taught in schools for this! All my dogs a drop outs, they don't even have there GED's!. It takes a lot of work and training to get out of obedience school, never mind Westminster!

Lazy Pet Update!

I checked the Martha Stewart pet blog again today, Winston now has 86 views and Ariel has 60 views. Meanwhile, I have no idea what this means. I figure that 86 viewers opened the site to look at Winston napping! I'm not sure. I'm also not sure how they pick the winner. It must be Martha's assistant doing the picking!! Maybe she has a team of people of looking at all the cute pets sleeping. It's fun anyways, looking at all the creative photos and how funny the pets sleep.

I thought my cat Lilly was very unique the way she sleeps in the sink, but apparently a lot of cats sleep this way! See, here I thought she was original!!

Happy Labor Day Weekend. I hope you all are doing something fun!

Paws and Pray

I am very excited to announce that my new blog is up and running! http://pawsandpray.blogspot.com/

This is a place where you can go and submit your prayers for your four legged friends, the ones who fly and the ones who swim! I haven't seen too much of this out in the blog world, so I thought it would be nice to start a place where people can go and leave there prayers and have other people pray for their pets also. If you have a blessing, we would love for you to post that too!

If you would like me to put your picture of your pet on my Paws and Pray site, please send it to me at dgm1930@gmail.com and I would be happy to post it.

Thank you and I hope to see you at my new site!

Lazy Pets

I entered Ariel and Winston in the Martha Steward's Lazy Pet contest the other day! There are 840 photo's of lazy cats and dogs! I have looked at every single one of them! Some of them are really winners! So far in three days, Winston has received 71 views and Ariel has received 47 views. I'm trying to win free dog food for a year! That would be awesome! All you have to do is go to http://www.marthastewart.com/ and click on the Pets tab, then look for the photo contest link and your in! If either one of my dogs won, that would be a first! I couldn't even imagine winning dog food for an entire year..When I go shopping for pet food, I spend roughly $250.00 a month to feed this crew. That probably does not include everything either! I try to coupon shop with the dog and cat food, but I certainly can't keep switching there food because it just does not work that way, unless you want to have a sick pet on your hands! I have to admit, if the cat food is on special, I will buy a couple bags to save the few dollars in the long run.. Well, if your pooch is photogenic and you think you have a chance, maybe you should enter. Martha's contest ends September 15, 2009...So wish me lots of luck!

Things don't always seems so bright!

I don't' know if any of you remember me saying that my 14 year old started school last week and he loved it! The week was over and things were going fine! NOT, he started his newer school today! Things didn't work out as I hoped at the Christian School, so being a good MOM, I said you can switch, but if you want to go back to the Christian School, that is OK too! I was a little leery about sending him to the public school, I don't know why, I'm not a snob, my daughter went there and graduated, she is perfect (in my eyes)! So today is a new start for my son and I pray he will be fine in his new journey in life!

My vintage Smokey the Bear!

Guess who's turning 65!!

If haven't been to my other site, then your thinking to yourself, who turned 65!! The American Icon "Smokey the Bear". I couldn't believe that he is 65 years old already! I sound like I'm talking about one of my kids, but I have to say, I did grow up loving Smokey the Bear.

A funny story happened last year to me that involved Smokey. There was a horrible thunder and lightning storm at about 1 AM. The thunder was so loud, I actually said, OH OH, I bet one our neighbors got hit, then no lie, about 30 seconds later, our fire alarms were screaming there bloody heads off! Before we knew what happened, we had every fire truck in town and a police man standing in our front yard looking for the hit. Well, fortunately, nothing happened, it must of just hit the circuit to the alarm. Well, as the fireman was exiting our home, he turned to me and said, nice pajamas..What? I replied..well, it turned out, I was wearing my Smokey the Bear T-Shirt. OK, now that is so embarrassing, I couldn't have on something nice, I just had to wear Smokey that night. I'm sure he had to tell his wife that one..Crazy Story!

Here's a small fact about Smokey that I never knew before, even though, I have always called him Smokey the Bear, in fact his name is simply, Smokey.

I will end with this quote from Smokey, himself: "Only You Can Prevent Wildfires".