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Lilly, what's for dinner!

Lilly is wondering, "what's for dinner!" She could be thinking, "I hope she doesn't get the cover"! (I just crack myself up!) This is so funny, if I leave a pan, dish, or baking dish not flipped over, Lilly will jump right on in! She is my cat who is deaf, so even I say "GET OUT" she won't hear me anyways! Lilly is four years old and is a Maine Coon Cat. I am sure I have mentioned this in the past. She has just recently become friendly towards me. As I have mentioned, she is very high strung and mean. If you notice in the photo there is a blue water pitcher, well, she broke it, not long ago. Not only does she sit in everything, she also knocks over everything there is on the counter! That is why my kitchen looks clean most of the time, because if I don't put it away, she will knock it down! The one thing you should never-ever do, is to leave the clothes dryer open when you not in the room, I am always so afraid that a cat will jump in, it drives me crazy! My daughter will sometimes do that and I "freak" out! I go to the extreme that I shut it if I just leave the room for a minute! With three cat's I can't take any chances!


tori said...

my kitty does the same thing. anything that he can sit in he will even if its way too small for him

Deborah said...

Hi Tori! So, I guess my kitty is not unique!!Cat's are just too funny!