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We have a winner!!!!!

Hey friends,

Happy Halloween weekend!  It was a snowy one here in New England, our first northeaster! YIKES!
Well, I have a winner of that give-a-way I have been talking about  for the longest time ever!!! The winner is Roo~and October 31'st is his second "Gotcha Day"!!! Yah!!! What good luck!
 I have heard that you're suppose to be lucky on your birthday!

After all that snow that we had and lost power in most towns, (we were lucky not to loose power), it's melting as fast as it came down! 

Here are a few pictures to show of our October snowtastic weather! 

 A tree fell on Bernie's car! No damage!!!

 Another tree, fell in the pool area...second one this season.

Have a great day!


Real kitty, real baby....

Hello Friends, where have I been hiding, not under my little grand-niece, don't worry, her kitty is fine, she is use to her human sister...I have been working like crazy and taking care of my mother.
I will be picking the winner of the prize this Wednesday...promise...if you want to enter for a chance to win a pet portrait done, please go here, or the post below...and leave me a comment!
Have a great day and one of these day's I'm going to take a day off!!

Oh, the good news, my grandbaby took her first steps today!!


How would you like to win a custom pet portrait!!!

Happy Columbus Day Weekend friends!  I hope you are all enjoying your Sunday.  It is 86 degrees in New England today! So we are taking advantage of this weather for sure!  I had done some work in the barn in the morning, this is just what I needed today!  It totally relaxed me!

I normally do not do these types of giveaways but when I saw Jessi Lynn's Etsy shop, I honestly had to share her work with you!  I could not keep it to myself!  Her work is just too nice not to share...

Jessi Lynn paints "custom pet portraits" and "nature watercolor paintings".  Here is a little bio about her and I think you will see that she loves all kinds of animals too!  Please don't forget to enter to win!

It's that time of year again and Christmas shopping has already begun. Have you considered giving the unique and memorable gift of a custom pet portrait this year? Jessi Lynn is a watercolor artist on Etsy who creates beautiful watercolor paintings of cute animals and custom portraits of your pets! They make great gifts and great to decorate with in your home. She is humored by animals doing funny things and enjoys painting pictures that tell a story. She lives in Southern California near the LA Zoo and frequently find excuses to spend time outdoors sketching and painting other peoples pets. You can check out more of her art here...( "animal watercolor paintings" or "custom pet portraits" )

What is the funniest animal story you've heard?

It would probably be the time my friend, who played the Gorilla from the American Tourister commercials for years, was asked by a zoo (which will remain un-named) to come pose as a gorilla in their empty cage for three days while investors toured the facility. His suit is so anatomically correct its hard to tell him apart from the real thing.

What was your first pet?

A fish named Jaws, then a turtle named Einstein.

What do you love about animals the most?

I love animals because I find so much beauty when I look at them. I also blown away at how loyal some pets can be even when it means they put themselves in harms way to save their masters. 

What pet do you wish you always had?
Since I was little I've always wanted a monkey, but since I recently found out I'm allergic to animal dander : ( I will enjoy painting them for now.

Any Closing Comments?

Yes, I hope you have a wonderful holiday season. I look forward to painting your cute animal friends! - Jessi Lynn

Have a great weekend my friends and please if you want to enter to win, just leave a comment! I will pull the winner on "Winner Wednesday!"

Go here, to see her work!!


Hey everyone, I turned One!!

Hello Friends, my granddaughter turned one the other day and we had a small family party for her.  Her little friends will be over next weekend!
 Bernie, is a riot, he is holding an owl and my mother has Mr. Chips!

 Now is the time to play follow the leader...

 Hey, she is wondering where did everyone go!
 Dad to the rescue!! They are holding a Dora the Explorer balloon!

Happy Monday everyone!