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Anyone seen Ariel?

Have a great day!


I'm Back!

What happened to all the plants....
Hey friends,
Mom is back from her trip and she had a fabulous time in the great state of Texas!! She had tons of fun and the weather was awesome.  It was about 100 degrees and you know that my mother loves that heat!
She is going to try to visit everyone in the next couple of days to catch up, THEN she will travel again on Sunday!!  Holy Cat Fish!
Get it! Cat Fish...
She sure is busy!
Have a great Tuesday!!!

Happy Vacation to me!

 Hello Friends, 
I'm off on vacation with my girlfriends tomorrow and I will be back on Sunday! 
But I thought I would post a few donkey pictures from the donkey show that my son and I went to this
past weekend! 

 This is not a donkey!  Just a crazy looking dog!!!!!  I love his ears and tail!!  So cute!
 I loved this little mini!
This was the largest mule at the show!  Very handsome if I do say so myself!

Well, I'll be back on Sunday!
Have a safe and happy week!!

Tag, your it!

OKEDOKEY friends, today I'm playing tag, your it!  I was tagged by my bloggy friend at  McGuffy's Reader and it is great that she even thought of me!  So thank you McGuffyAnn!

I need to answer the following questions;

1)  Do you think you're hot?
     Well, why not, if I don't then I think nobody will!  hehehehehe

2)  Upload a picture or wallpaper that you are using at the moment.

My eighty year old Mother & niece, Gracy!
3)  When was the last time you ate chicken?
      Last night~I had a chicken sandwich with tomatoes and Swiss cheese!
4)  Was the last song you listened to?
     Good question...hmmmm...I have no idea!  I listen to the news in my car, BORING>>>>
5)  What were you thinking about while doing this.
      The baby, I'm watching her monitor making sure she fell asleep!
6)   Do you have any nicknames and what are they?
      Well, I don't, but the dogs do....Smokes is talker, Ariel is the queen, Buffy is the follower, Mr Chips
       is the head of the pack and Winston, is just Winston...

Last but not least, I'm suppose to pass this to 8 of my friends, but once again, I can't just pick 8 of you because I can't...anyhow, who ever wants to play along, go ahead...we would love to find out little things about you and your pets!


Excuse Me!!!!

Can a kitty get some sleep around here!!

Happy Thursday my friends!!


Vet visits, groomers and vet...

Hello Friends, 
Scooter had his yearly physical and everything went great.  As you can see, he didn't have much fun and was totally wondering what all this stuff in the exam room is for...
 Could you imagine if ticks were really this big...
 Or if they used this stuff at every visit...
 And we aren't ever going their...
Smokes & Winston got handsome haircuts on Saturday...A little blurry, but Smokes won't sit still for the camera!
Last but not least Ariel and Winston went to the vet's today for their physicals.  All is fine and the vet is sticking to the story on the heat stroke with Winston...Winston cannot go out in the heat or do any kind of exercise while it is too warm!  Ariel is just getting older.  She will be 14 soon and she is showing signs of aging.  The Doctor said to treat her like an 85 year old woman...

Well on that note, I'll let you go.

Have a great day my bloggy friends.

Hello Mother,

Did I scare you!  You were so busy with Scooter's post about his vet visit, I scared you when I popped my head up from behind the computer!

Well bloggy friends, have a great weekend and my mother will be posting about Scooter's vet visit next week!!


Hi, I'm home!!

Hello Friends, I'm home!! The vet said that I must have had a heat stroke and my Mom asked if I could have had a bug or had ate something I shouldn't had and she said no, not likely.  My temperature went up to 106 degrees and I was very sick.  My Mom still found it hard to believe that I suffered from heat stroke at 8:30 in the morning when it wasn't even 80 degrees fahrenheit yet.  Lucky for me, my physical is on Monday and I'm sure we will be talking about this again.
Thanks again everyone for all your well wishes!! I can assure you I feel great today!!  Mom is giving me extra treats and belly rubs!! 


Please send Winston the Paws of Prayer.

Hello Friends,
This morning, Winston went into heat distress.  He was panting and panting and I couldn't get him to stop.  He had some water and the water didn't stay down.  I thought he was chocking, but I saw nothing.  I immediately drove him to the Vet and they took right in and told me to come back later today.  He is still there now and I just received a phone call and received some very good news.  Even though they had to intubate him, his temperature shot up to over 106 and his throat was beginning to close.  After they got him to cool down and assisted his breathing, he is going to fine.  I'm going back later today to pick him up while Scooter has his physical.  They think he got over heated and he was only outside this morning for about 15-20 minutes at the most before 9AM.  I would have never have thought it was too hot at that time for him, but now I know.  They said that Winston must stay in the air condition and take it easy.  So, please send him the Paws of Prayer so that he will recovery fully. 

Nothing like going to the fireworks!!

Happy Fourth of July everyone!