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Scary Human Photos! The pets have the day off!

Happy Halloween everyone! I took my son and his friend to Fright Fest at SixFlags last night for Halloween! I hope you enjoy these very scary pictures I took for you!
The entrance to the park!

Can you see the ghost feet in this picture, really creepy!!

Bats everywhere!

A fun ride!

OHOH, I warned you, a really scary picture!

The only I ride I go on! Happy Halloween, I hope I didn't scare you!

It's getting close to Halloween!

My Mom never had me do this before! It must be that time of the year again!
What did the groomers do Buffy? Nice color!

Lilly and Scooter are wondering why Mom put a pumpkin in the picture...
Where's the fire!

I look nothing like this pumpkin!
Happy Halloween Everyone!

What's Buffy doing here?

Buffy, a ten year old Australian Cattle dog is visiting with us for the next few weeks! Her Mother called me on Monday and asked if I could take her in to recuperate from an injury she received a few weeks ago. Her back left leg has two torn ligaments. Buffy, comes from a farm family of 13, so my family is small compared to hers! She is a great dog, very quite, well trained and the only funny thing is that she will not go outside by herself! She will sit by the door until I get out there! She use to be my father's dog before he passed away last year and he took her for long walks every day, so I think that is how she is trained. She really is a nice dog and the other dogs don't seem to mind her. Even Smokes is use to her now. They all just accepted her. I have to admit, I have very calm pets! Thank goodness, with three teenagers in the house and all the drama they have to offer, I certainly don't need any more drama with my pets!

I didn't do that!

Ariel did!!

A Visit to Amish Country

Amish Country is a beautiful part of Pennsylvania that we had visited on our trip! We ate lunch in an Amish home, which was the best meal we had on our trip! The Amish were very welcoming and this family lived on this beautiful farm.

An Amish wagon.
A very friendly German Shepard.

German Shepard Puppies for sale.

This farm had lots of horses, cows, bunnies and dogs!

Have a great day!

The Sweetest Place On Earth, Hershey, PA

I just came off of the best break I had in a very long time. As I mentioned, I went on a road trip with my Mother and Bernie to Hershey, the Amish Country and Gettysburg. The reason for this trip was to attend a conference for the veterans of the USS Lake Champlain CV-39. I sure did meet a lot of nice people and learned a lot on how it was like to live about the USS Lake Champlain. This ship was three football fields long and seventeen stories high. Bernie was a rescue diver on this ship from 1952-1955. It seems as though that these men and women formed a close bond with each other and I really enjoyed listening to all of their stories.

Today I will start with some photos of Hershey, PA. I never realized that Hershey was way more than just about candy! Hershey has a museum, amusement park and the Milton Hershey School. The candy is awesome and the place smells great also, if you love chocolate like me!

Hershey's Chocolate Soldier!

Hershey Cows! You can't have chocolate without the milk!

Milton Hershey and his wife Catherine in 1909 started a boarding school for orphan boys because they could not have children themselves. Today the school is still open and still provides free schooling for orphan children and underprivileged boys and girls from the grades of kindergarten through grade twelve. We went on a tour of this school and it was amazing how well these children are taken care of. The campus is beautiful and most of the children go on to further education!

If you ever have a chance to go to Hershey, I would highly recommend visiting the school. To learn how much that Mr. & Mrs. Hershey gave back to their community is truly amazing.

I did not see any animals in Hershey to photograph, but I did get some in the Amish Country, I will show you those tomorrow!

Mr. Chips is playing with his doll!

Don't worry Mr. Chips, I get the kids names mixed up too!

I'm going to be on road trip tomorrow with my Mom and Bernie to Pennsylvania, we will be sight seeing the Amish Country, Hershey and Gettysburg. I am looking forward to eating out, not cleaning and not working! It should be a lot of fun! We are driving and it will be about a 6 hour drive, maybe longer! Although, my son just told me he wasn't feeling well, you can read about that on my Amazing Animal Blessings and Prayer blog, I'm sure he will be fine by tomorrow! I really hope so, my Hubby isn't too good at taking care of kids who don't feel well.

Have a great rest of the week!

I'm a little early but isn't it wordless Wednesday somewhere!

The squirrels must be very happy with all of these acorns!
Scooter is wondering why I keep taking pictures!

Ariel would love to give you a hug!
Winston looks like he ate those acorns! But don't worry, he didn't!

The second snow fall and we even had a tree fall over!

Have a great day!

Mr Chips is trying to tell us something!

He is wishing everyone a Happy Monday!

Buds New House!

Bud is very happy to have a new home! It is a three level condo that he will be able to walk around in! My lovely daughters, fiance made this in two days! I am very impressed! Twenty-four hours later...

Bud is getting use to his new condo!

Bud seems to love it!

Bud is kept in my daughter's fiance's room, this way; he is kept nice and warm! Bud still will go on car trips and they take him outside in the large pen for his exercise!

Dog Flu

Bless you!
For those of you who love dogs, and that is almost all of you, when I was listening to the nightly news the other night, they mentioned that the dog flu was on the rise. Of course, I perked right up to listen... The dog flu is a contagious respiratory disease in dogs that is caused by Type A influenza virus; this strictly is a disease of dogs, not humans.

This virus now spreads between dogs. This is why I never bring my dogs to the large pet shopping centers in my area! I have found out that this virus started initially in greyhounds and was caused by equine influenza A H3N8 virus.

Symptoms of an infected dog could be a cough, runny nose and fever. The good news is that only a very small portion of dogs can develop severe disease.

There is a vaccine for canine influenza, so maybe if you worry about this, like I do, I am going to ask my veterinary office, if my dogs should get the vaccine. It may be worth it!

Time for the groomer again!

Time for our haircuts! First Mom has to stop at the bank!
Winston knows he will get a dog bone from the nice bank teller~ How do I look, you can't see it, but I even have on a bow!

Winston is very glad to be home !

Mr. Chips would like some attention too!!

Have a great day and don't forget to hug your pet!

Paws and Pray

I'm having a little trouble today with uploading photos! This is all I can get~Ariel, wearing another crazy hat!

I wanted to give you an update on my Paws and Pray blog. We have several prayers that people have left for their pets; please don't forget to go over and visit! I am sure they will appreciate it and if you have any prayers you need for your pets, please feel free to add one on Paws and Pray.
Thank you and have a great day!

Ariel had a busy day today!

Ariel at 9AMAriel at 3PM
Ariel at 6PM

It was raining out all day and there is nothing else to do!!