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Oh Great....

 Hello friends,  we had a visitor today, this little fox.  Just hanging right behind our pool fence, for hours.  Very close to the house.  I have never seen a fox do this before so I called the animal control officer in town.
She said that this fox must be socialized and not afraid of us.  She didn't think it was sick because he (or she)  was just cleaning himself and hanging around. 

Crazy how wildlife is being forced to live in neighborhoods.  When he ran off, I quickly put out the dogs and they went crazy which meant he must have been close by.  Ariel kept sniffing the air and Buffy was barking like mad.
Buffy is now keeping guard and Mr Chips has no idea what the heck is going on!
Thank you everyone for being so kind the other day.  I really appreciated all your kind words and reassurance.  I will let you know how things turn out but today was a much better day!

Hello, I'm Mr. Ed....

Hello Friends,
This is a random post, how many of you remember Mr Ed?  This was an early 1960 sitcom with a talking horse.  I have always liked this show, very simple humor, back to the basics and you don't have to worry who is watching it!  Anyways, to get to my story, one of my very good girl friends, will NOT let her daughter watch this because it is way too chauvinistic!!  I honestly never noticed, but once she said it, yes, the men rule in this show.  The women have to ask and obey...I really never paid much attention to that part, I just liked watching it because of the cars, clothes, furniture, all the vintage stuff...
Well, I hope you enjoy Mr. Ed. 
I am still busy at work and having lots of personal issues going on.  Lately all I do is work and have big problems at work (because nobody can follow instructions... LOL) and at home (my 16 year old is getting bullied at school) and I shouldn't even say that on my happy, drama free blog, but I am tearing up at inappropriate places.  My daughter will agree to that!   All my pets are doing great too. So I should be happy!!  Ariel has fallen in the pool again, and survived. LOL  The bunnies are doing great and the cats are happy. Even my horses are happy!  So why am I so emotional, who knows, I just think I am just a tad busy at work and nothing seems to be going the way it should. Welcome to the real world!!
Hopefully, this will be better week! 

We are happy because....

Hello friends, Smokes is still taller than my grandbaby!  He is soooo good with her.  He just looks and walks away and only he knows what he is thinking, but no matter what she does, like pull his hair, he just leaves the area.  It is amazing to me how the pets leave her alone...they know she is only small and no bother!  Ariel is the only one that I keep at a distance, she never liked kids, even as a puppy!  Now she is 14 and really doesn't like kids!!  Nothing ever happened, she would just rather hang out with adults!!
Anyways, speaking of Ariel, she fell in the pool the other night and could not get out.  I was with her, so it was controlled chaos.  but you know how I think, always the worst. I honestly think she would have drowned if I wasn't with her.  She just couldn't get out or find the stairs in the shallow area.  It was awful.  I didn't have to jump in, when she got to the edge, I reached in and pulled her out.  I was calling for my 16 year old to jump in for her, but I would have if he didn't come running.  
Now on another note, Buffy has Lyme disease.  She will be OK, but she had stopped eating and just didn't look her happy self.  So I took her in and sure enough, she has Lyme.
Another busy week!
Take care and have a great day!
Why is my grandbaby so happy...it's almost her birthday!  Can you believe she is almost a year old!! 

Sweet Lilly....

This is what us kitties have to put up with.....

Happy Labor Day~~Mom has the day off, so all is good!!