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A giant fish bowl in the house, how cool is that!

Our prayers and thoughts are going out to all the people who are

effected by the earthquake in Chile.

This is why I look so loved!

Ariel's favorite stuffy is extra loved!This is why!

Have a great weekend everyone!
P.S. We want to wish our human sister a very Happy 19th Birthday!!! Mom & Dad and her friends are all going out tonight for a birthday dinner and we are hoping they bring us home a treat too! I'm sure Mom will. She is always bringing us home something yummy!!

We're having a party!

Hi everyone! Our Mom has been quite busy this past week but we have great news to share with you! Auntie Penny went for her check up on Tuesday and her cancer is gone! All of her margins are clean and the lymph nodes were clear also. We are all so happy for her we decided to have a party!!! Her Doctor said that she has beaten several odds so far, so he has great hope for her in the future! Auntie Penny wanted to make sure that we thanked all of you for all your prayers and well wishes!! After our party, Mom brought us outside...
It is rainy and cold.

Even all our snow is going away! That's OK though, no one is complaining too much about that except maybe Smokes!

Have a good day!

Buffy, where in the world is Twinkie?

This is just too funny, when I was reading Twinkies blog today, Buffy was going crazy when she heard all the dogs barking! Buffy, barked and barked and I taped her seven times to try to get a good video!! Everytime she heard the dogs, she wanted to play! She even ran out to the kitchen looking for them!

The music you hear in the background is Twinkies and all the dogs playing trying to round up the horse. Buffy knows they are having fun just from the music!

Have a nice weekend!

It's Award Day Wednesday!

I want to thank Sitka and his Mom, Andrea at All Gods Creatures for the Prolific Blogger Award! I'm just a tad late posting it, but for any of my bloggy friends that would like to take it, please do! Anyone who reads my blog, should get an award!
Have a great day my friends!

Westminster Dog Show!

I watched my Aunt Dorothy last night judging the Non-Sporting Group for the Westminster Dog Show. I have to say I enjoyed watching the whole show and I loved all the dogs. This Dalmatian was beautiful! No, I'm not buying another dog!!! This is my Aunt Dorothy, she had on a beautiful purple, rhinestone dress! Very pretty!!

The winners are!

I wonder if Brutus the Frenchie ,

saw who won the Non-Sporting Group!

Have a great day and I'm looking forward to watching the rest
of the show tonight!


Westminster Dog Show!

I hope everyone is enjoying their Valentine's Day! I am following Max's tour and having so much fun visiting with everyone!

This is my Aunt Dorothy Dalton and she will be judging the non-sporting group on Monday night at the Westminster Dog Show! I can't wait to watch her on TV. My Aunt Dorothy judges all over the world and has even judged in Africa...I'm wondering if she saw Max while she was there!!

Aunt Dorothy is awesome and I just love her so much. She is so much fun and she loves her dogs!

So if you happen to watch the show Monday night, you can say, hey, I know her through my bloggy friend!

Well, I'm going back to Max's tour now!

I hope you all have a great day!

Happy Valentine's Day!

Oh Gosh! It's Valentine's Day and I see Mom is getting out my cute little outfit! Mom even went all out and gave me a little hamburger in this fancy martini glass!

This was delicious, right down to the last bite!!!

Happy Valentine's Day everyone!!!

Hey everyone!

I'm trying to figure out if I like to sit on Winston... Or my stuffy!

Mom wanted me to give you an update on Auntie Penny, she is in a rehabilitation hospital right now! That is good news because she is getting closer to coming home.

My Auntie Penny needs to learn how to talk and swallow again.
Mom told us that she is talking well with the tracheotomy closed off. Even though her voice
is very soft, my Mom told us that the whole family cried when she spoke again.

You see, Auntie Penny has squamous cell carcinoma of the tongue and tonsil. The operation was to remove the cancerous tumor that had grown back. This is her second round with this horrible cancer. We are waiting for the pathology reports to come back next in anticipation that all the cancer is gone.

For all my furry friends out there, please give your parents an extra hug today!


Storm Watch!

There is nothing like another blizzard!

Go Saints!

The New Orleans Saints won the Super Bowl!! For you fans who love the Saint's "YEAH"!!!
Maybe next year the Patriots will be back! Then maybe Winston will be more interested in what is on TV! Have a great day!

Get Well Soon Max!

Hey Max, it's me, Smokes... I have heard my Mom talking about you a lot lately and how your not feeling well. I just want you to know that we all are praying for you Max and that you and your Mom receives some good news from the Vet! I thought you may enjoy some dog bones! Maybe this will help you feel better!

Have a great day and please get well Max.

Mr Chips here!

Hi everyone, it's me, Mr. Chips! My mom wanted me to thank you for all your prayers and kind words yesterday for my Auntie Penny. Her surgery went well! It lasted all day, from 7AM-5PM and Mom got to see her around 8:30PM. She is heading back down today but just want "ME" to give you the update! Here I thought Buffy was the "spokes-dog"... As you can see, Mom is getting ready to celebrate Valentine's Day. She has all of us wearing these funny little heart bandanna's she got at the Christmas Tree Shops the other day! Silly Mom, but seeing she is so busy, we won't give her a hard time about it.
Thank you again for all your prayers and support, Mom gets all weepy when she reads her comments sometimes, but at least she doesn't get the brown streaks under her eyes like me!
Have a great day!