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Global Animal Blogging Event!!!!!

Hey friends, now that I have your attention! The Global Animal Blogging Event of 2010 is starting! This is the official badge and if you would like to learn all about the G.A.B.E, please visit Twinkie!

All I can say is that it is going to be a great way to visit with old friends and find new ones! I am also giving a give-a-way. Actually, two give-a-ways, one for cats and one for dogs! YEAH!!!

This is my cat give-a-way....I hope you like what you see.

This is my doggy give-a-way! Again, I hope you like what I picked out!

Here are the rules: If you leave a comment between today and April 18th, you will get one entry. You will get an entry for every comment! If you also decide to follow me, you will then get three entries. I am going to start with my bloggy friend Remington, he became my buddy yesterday! I am going to write the names down every day when I post and put them in a basket and then on April 18th, I will have someone pull the names out! I will have one basket for cats and one for dogs! Remember, I will have one prize for cats and one for dogs!

I hope you have lots of fun and I'm looking forward
to meeting new friends and catching up with old friends!
I hope you have a great day!

Winston, buddy, what did you get into?

Winston had a great day Saturday, he was just about to jump on the couch and I noticed he was covered in soot~I grabbed him and put him in the tub. Fortunately my husband was home and he volunteered to wash him for me while I took pictures!
Mom, please, I'm taking a bath! Do you have to take pictures now!!! Buffy can't believe her eyes and she was glad she didn't roll in the same spot!

The dirt was just pouring off him~YUCK!!! Remember now, I just had him groomed this week, about three days ago!

A little rinsing never hurt anyone!

As soon as he was done, Buffy and I went outside to investigate,
is this the spot?

Detective Buffy is unsure and keeps wondering around.

Well, we have no idea what happened or what he got into, he was with me the whole time and didn't even wonder for a minute. Sometimes the greatest mystery's go unsolved!

Have a great day!

Boston Flower Show!

Happy Saturday everyone! This was quite the busy week but I had a chance to go to the Boston Flower Show with my mother and our friend the other day~ I thought you would enjoy these pictures! Waterfalls

Giraffes, made out of all dried flowers.

I've always wanted to do this, grow a garden on a roof top!

Lions, made out of different grasses.

They even had 100% edible cakes!

This is my boat!
Only kidding!!!

The Spirit of Boston ..I have been on this boat
for different customer events!

Boston Harbour

Boston sky line from the waterfront!

Have a great weekend my friends!

Thursday's Feel Good Moment!

Hi there, I'm Gracey, your guest today for my Auntie Deborah's "Thursday's feel good moment"! You can probably see by the expression on my face on where I'm going.... It's Tea Time! Everyday at high noon, my little sister is at it again!
Have a great day and I hope you have a feel good day too!

Joke of the day!

Hey everyone, Lilly here, I want to know
what do you call a cat that was caught
by the police???
The Purrpatrator!!!

He He He

Have a great day!

It's all about Twinkie!

Hey everyone, look what Mommy bought me! It's Twinkie's book!
We loved it! Mom read the whole book to me!Even Buffy had to read it!!!

Buffy can't believe that Twinkie's Mom wrote this cute book.
Buffy is curious on when I'm going to write a book...
I think I will leave that to the professionals!

Have you heard what Twinkie is doing next? It is the
Global Animal Blogging event!
April 1st - April 18thThis is going to be lots of fun, all participants get to visit
all kinds of wonderful blogs from around the world, meet
new furiends, find old ones and network!!
I know that I'm jumping in this one and I am also going to
offer a give-a-way...I'm still thinking what though.
If you want to find out more about this event, please jump over to
Twinkie's blog for all the information!

Have a great weekend!

I went "window shopping" again!!!

Hey everyone! I went "window shopping" again with Penny and her sister the other day! I found some cute things that again I thought some of my bloggy friends would like! The good thing about about this great department store is that they keep changing up the pet section and I'm wondering if they are doing it just for me!!! LOL Oh, I just crack myself up!!!

This little dress I thought would be perfect for Lorenza! This four-legged cook book is perfect for Kryra and Khousin Merdie at Khyras Khorner!

I thought for sure Phantom, Thunder and little Ciara would love

these organic doggy treats!

Ruby & Penny would look so cute

in this princess bed!

As soon as I saw this apron, I thought of

the Kool Kittie Krew...

Lastly, I thought Ina could put this picture in her office!!!

Have a great Wednesday!

Hmmm, I wonder who I will go "window shopping" for next!!!

OMD, It is still raining!

Hey everyone, Ariel here! It has been raining and I mean heavy rain since Saturday.
This is what I like after a walk and you can only imagine what everyone else looks like. Mom says we all look like drowned rats, I don't even think she has ever seen a drowned rat!
Needless to say, we are going to the groomers tomorrow for our beauty appointment!
Happy Monday!

Hey, it was Scooters birthday yesterday!!!

Yesterday was Scooters birthday. He is three years old! This is one "cool cat!"
He is looking down at the festivities and would rather
not join us at the moment!These are his presents, the catnip and cute little cat bed!

Lou was hoping it was for him, he LOVES it!
Lucky for Lou, Scooter shares!!!

Now Scooter is getting into the action with

the catnip. He loved to play with it.

Scooter is looking for more catnip!

He knows it is in the bed somewhere!

Lilly finally woke up to join us! She even

had some fun!

Scooter is wondering WHY I'm a day late! Not really though,

I just got real busy yesterday and didn't have time to

post his birthday!!!

Have a great day everyone!