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Knock, Knock

 Anyone home! Mom, I'm telling you, your slacking...what's going on...I can tell you what's going...
Our Mom is working too much! This is not her office...she loves this office...it's her imaginary office...ok, she weird, and that's not her door either!   Mom has been super busy with her real J>O>B> and her fun job at Mary Kay Cosmetics!  This last picture is of my human sister, Mom, and my human niece, Penny's daughter at a Mary Kay event!  Mom is in the top five of sales in her area.  What ever the heck that means...

As for me, I'm getting old and my Mom says I pace too much...back and forth all day and all night.  I hear her say I have demencia and she is very sad about this...pace pace pace...

I say, have a great weekend!!


From our home to yours...

Happy Valentines Day! ♥


So this is what I do when nobody is around....

Hello friends,  Happy Wednesday!  This is the VERY first time I have ever found Smokes on a bed...I walked in, grabbed my phone and wooola! He must be relaxing here when I'm not home! LOL  The things I don't know!!  Hmmmm, I wonder what else is going on!
Have a happy day~