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Tip of the day:
Did you know that cockatiels love to chew and shred wood? If the wood is soft enough, the cockatiel will chew on it. This is OK to let your cockatiel do this. It should not be dangerous for your cockatiel to chew on it's ladder.
It is raining like we should be building an Ark! This summer, I think is one of the rainiest (is that a word) on record..So there were no outdoor photo ops today. It started out sunny, then bang, rain, rain, rain....
I've started a new blog for all of you who would like to post your blessings and prayers for your pets and animals. You can find this sight at: http://www.amazinganimalblessingsandprayers.com
Good Day,
What a great day! I want to thank you for visiting my blog. I have had visits from the US, UK, Chile, Portugal and Mexico and I just want to say thanks!!
Today is a beautiful sunny day, beats all the rain we have been getting, I will be trying to get some photos of our pets later today! Just to bring you up to date, the baby bunny is doing well. We have Thumper outside a lot to get some fresh air. I have noticed that we have many rabbits in our yard eating the clover. I do not let anyone use any pesticides on my lawn because of the wildlife and not to mention our pets or the kids!! Nothing like running through a lawn that is full of pesticides then running into the house and now have pesticides in the house. If you haven't figured it out, I hate that! I am totally going green too in the house as well as outside. Another "pet" peeve of mine is letting our pets walk though a freshly washed floor that will irritate there paws. That is why my first choice to wash floors is vinegar and water. It smells like your coloring Easter eggs, but it won't hurt your pets!!
Have a great day! Come back and visit soon!
Tip of the day: In this hot weather, please make sure someone in your family is filling up your pets water bowl with plenty of water. Also, it is a nice idea to keep your bird baths full of water also!
I'm inviting you to tell me about your funny and amazing pet stories! Just visit my funny & amazing animal stories discussion board and post your stories! We would love to read them!
Thank you for visiting my blog and I hope you return!!
Lilly is resting on the cool stone! All my cats are indoor cats because we have a lot of wild life around and it would be a big risk to roam the great outdoors! We have fisher cats, coyotes, fox, all kinds of critters that would case trouble for my cats.

This is Lou. He is our oldest Maine Coon Cat!! He is very lovable and is camera shy. Every time he sees the camera, he usually runs! Did you know that the Maine Coon Cat is the official cat of the state of Maine!
Mr.O'Riely can't dance, but he sure can

Smokes has ice blue eyes and loves his dog biscuits! He is very laid back and will let Mr. Chips run all around him and play!
Winston, Ariel, Mr. Chips and Smokes are wondering if they have to learn to shake paws!!

Thumper will easily fit into the palm of your hand! When they get older, rabbits do not like to be held that often.

Our newest member to our family...

Meet our newest member, "Thumper"..Thumper is about 8 weeks old and should grow to be about 20 #! Thumper's fur is very soft. Right now he will fit in the palm of your hand. Rabbits are playful and active pets. They are also very social animals.
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Winston is also enjoying the sunshine today! It is almost time for his hair cut. I take Winston and Ariel in about every 6 weeks to a fabulous groomer that handles them with tender loving care!
Mr Chips is having fun playing with Ariel! It is another glorious day! The sun is shining and our pets are ready to start the day.
Today is a another gorgeous day to let you know how our amazing pets are doing. It is all quite now, the dogs and cats are napping. Mr. O'Riely is eating quietly, of course if I was on the phone, he would be talking to me.. Remember that Mr. O'Riely is a male cockatiel. He loves to eat washed broccoli and almost anything of a deep green color! Cockatiels also like to eat cereal! The general rule is, if the food is healthy for you, it will probably be good for your cockatiel also!
Winston is a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel who is a known for being a pleasant companion. Very kind and good with children. As with any dog, they should not be left along for an entire day.
Mr Chips is a chihuahua and for a Chihuahua, he is very fun to be around. Mr Chips does not bark a lot and he does not bite! Mr Chips also gets along with all our other pets without any cause for concern. For the smallest pet, he thinks he is the largest!
Winston and Mr Chips are outside enjoying the sunshine!

These are koa fish that lived through this past winter with the pond being solid with ice! We were amazed that they survived such conditions.

Scooter is really enjoying watching Mr. O'Riely eat his lunch!
Mr. Smokes is asking me to let him out! This is how he talks all though dinner time and if he wants my attention. Did you know that Siberian Husky's are a working class dog and typically are friendly, calm, attentive and sociable!
Good Day! This a FANTASTIC day to for photo opportunities. Today I am going to put more great photo's on line for you to view. Have a super day!

This is a great photo of Mr. O'Riely. He reminds me of the parrot that vocalizes in the morning hours and evening hours! He's a beauty!

This is a parrot that has beautiful coloring. They often feed on berries and seeds of there native trees. We took this photo while vacationing! They are very noisy early in the morning and late in the afternoon. This reminds me of Mr. O'Riely my cockatiel!!

More butterfly treats!

This is what the buttlerflies love to eat. Anyone can make a dinner plate for them in your yard and enjoy the beautiful sites of butterflies.

This a beautiful butterfly! They love to eat fresh oranges!

This is a friendly Iguana from the Cayman Islands. He is mainly a vegetarian.

This is our Siberian Husky, Smokes. He talks and talks and talks..If you own a husky, you know what I mean. He is a very kind pet. He loves to run and if he escapes..we will find him at least 5 miles from home!
Good Day,
Another beautiful day for picture taking. I am going to put on different photo's today of my very amazing animals!! I forgot to tell you that we also have frogs...Yes frogs..
Have a super day! Enjoy the photos~
If you have an amazing animal too and would like to share your photos or stories with me, you may be published along side of my amazing animals!! Have a super day! Enjoy~

I thought you would like to see how large Scooter is. He is truly a wonderful kitty!
This is Scooter, he is a 12# Maine Coon Cat that is very kind. Right now, he is looking at Mr. O'Riely. But don't worry, Mr. O'Riely is very safe!
Mr. O'Riely will sing to me 100% of the time, while on the phone with customers~~He loves to fly around my office and is very vocal.
Today is a lovely day, my pets are all doing well. I am going to try to get some great photo's for you to enjoy!! I'll be running around snapping photo's of there antics!
Have an enjoyable day. Please share your amazing pet stories with everyone, we would love to read about them!

Ariel is a wonderful companion, she is the oldest of the group! She smiles, frowns, talks and is a joy to have. All of the animals get along well together. Ariel likes to hang around and play with the other dogs.

Lilly is trying to take a bath!

I'm trying to do the dishes and Lilly wants to sit in the pan!

This is Lilly, resting on the kitchen counter!
Winston and Lilly enjoy some TV time while drinking bottle water!!

Meet Lilly, this is our white Maine coon cat, who is deaf, has blue eyes, loves to drink from faucets, sleeps in sinks and knock everything off of counters!!
Pictures are sure to follow soon, it was a busy day for the animals! A lot of sleeping goes on, but they do have fun! My cat, Lilly, loves to drink out of my kitchen sink faucet, not to mention, sleep in the bathroom sink. Why that sink, you may ask, I don't know. Lou will sleep on the fish tank, daily. Ariel will spend her day in my office on the couch! My Cockatail, Mr. O'Riely will only sing, while I'm on the phone!! Mr. O'Riely reminds me of a child. Always, talking and trying to get my attention while I'm talking to a customer!! Winston, my King Charles, is a little over weight and slow going, he just goes with the flow. Mr. Chips, the smallest of all, the Chihuahua, is the loudest. Always trying to play with the Husky, Smokes, or sleep on Winston.. Scooter, our largest Maine Coon cat is very handsome and loves attention..

Meet my funny little pets!

Hi, I am an owner of 4 dogs, 3 maine coon cats, 1 cockatiel, two large fish tanks, on some occasions, hampsters, bunny's, gold fish out doors. I have always thought people would like to know what animals do all day. What type of adventures they get into. This is a fun escape for those animal lovers out there. I hope you enjoy!