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Buffy the spokes-dog here!



I don't want to come in where there is heat!

It is brutal cold outside and Smokes does not want to come in! It is 7 degrees and he is loving it! Smokes will roll around and play, eat his treats and every now and then, he will ask to come in!

For now, he would rather bask in the cold and enjoy his kind of weather! I get cold just looking at him!

Have a great day~!

Award Time!

I hope all my friends are having a nice Christmas week! I have enjoyed reading your Christmas posts and all the fun we are having with our pets and families!!
I received this nice award last week from Aripi de Fluture! She loves all animals, has a very nice blog and always leaves nice comments on my blog~If you haven't visited her, maybe you can drop by to say hi!
Anyone who would like to take it, please do! No rules on this one!!

My crew is enjoying all the gifts that Santa Paws brought. I have doggy toys from one end of the house to next!! It makes me laugh because it's like having babies in the house. No matter how many times I put them back in the toy box with no cover, they go over and pull them out!

Have a great day!
Don't forget to hug your pets!!

We must have been good this year!

We hope you all enjoyed your Christmas day! We can't believe it is Christmas night already!
The good news is that Santa Claus left us some very nice toys to play with! We had so much fun with our new toys! They all squeak and we were driving Mom nuts!

We decided to take a break and rest a while when all the company came over. Dinner sure does smell good!

Ariel is watching the gifts closely before our guests arrived!

Even the kitties had a great day!

We hope you all have a nice weekend!!

Merry Christmas from our paws to yours...

I was nominated the spokes-dog for us and we just wanted
to wish you and your families a
very Merry Christmas
Happy New Year!Mom could not make up her mind, do you like
the red bow or green bow?
Ariel likes both and while I'm posing
with bows on my head,
Ariel gets to nap under her

Christmas blanky!


WOW, Look at all the snow!!

Happy Sunday everyone!
We had a nice big snow storm last night!Winston has to follow Buffy's tracks!
Mr. Chips is saying; "are you kidding me!"

Smokes loves it!

Smokes is having a great day!

My trusty snow yard stick!
14 inches fell last night!

Have a great day!

IAMS Home 4 the Holidays

Iams Home 4 the Holidays (IH4TH) needs your help to place 1.5 million pets into loving homes by January 4, 2010!

I received this email and I thought it would be a good thing to chat about!

With nearly 8 million homeless animals in the U.S. today, and almost half scheduled to be euthanized this year alone, our help is needed now more than ever. Hilary Swank, an American actress who is the ambassador for Iams Home 4 the Holidays in partnership with Helen Woodward Animal Center is one of the most successful pet adoption programs in the world and brings together nearly 3,500 animal organizations worldwide. Since 1999, IH4TH has helped more than 3 million animals find homes and hope to continue breaking the goals they set each year.

All of this information came from the press release I received and if you would like to help and find out more facts, please visit Iams Home 4 the Holiday.

A couple of ways you can help would be by adopting a pet this holiday season at IH4TH.com and receive a complimentary adoption kit to help with your new family member! If you can't adopt, you can join "Feed Pets in Need" program and help bring much needed food to your favorite IH4TH shelter. Again, for other suggestions, please go the Iams Home 4 the Holiday site!

Just for laughs!

Buffy, you're the one who knocked the lamp over!
Have a great day!


Please don't tell Santa!


Hmmm, I think my antlers are suppose to standing


This is Scooter playing with the catnip we received from Ina in Alaska! He loves it! They have been playing with this little toy ever since we received the presents.

Buffy is in my office barking because I shut the door on her to give Scooter some play time! Buffy gets very mad at me if she isn't right next to me!

Jazzi's gift grab!

We just opened our gifts for Ina in Alaska! What fun we had joining in on Jazzi's gift grab. Look at all the great gifts. We even received cat nip for the kitties!!

Buffy and Winston went right to work!

I absolutely love this puppy shirt, it says, Sled Dog in Training!

We just had to go outside in the snow to see how he did.

It fits just perfect!!

Thank you again Ina,

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


Ariel, Winston, Mr. Chips, Scooter, Lou, Bud

Smokes, Buffy, Mr. O'Riely, Lilly



The Spirit of Christmas is coming to our home too!

We have been getting ready for Christmas and we finally put the tree up! The decorations are done and now I have to finish the shopping. I want to get one more gift for my Christmas exchange friend from "Jazzi's Gift Grab". My gift grab is going to Kennedy Funny Farm and the funny thing about this is that I packed the gifts up and Ariel actually took the Santa Claus stuffy out of the box and played with it! Go figure!
I hope your Christmas Season is going well!

Another snow day!

It was another snow day and Ariel loves to run and play in the snow! Buffy is looking at the neighbors dog and wondering why the driveway isn't shoveled yet!

The pictures look gray because yesterday was a gray day. After the snow, we had a lot of rain and we still ended up with 5 inches according to my snow ruler!

Have a great day!

Just a little snow!

I thought you may enjoy this little snow storm we had on Saturday. Just enough snow to make everything look so pretty!

Here is another fun story, yesterday, while I was getting ready for work, Buffy knew my day already
had started off bad, well, when I was standing at the sink, Buffy walked up to me, laid down and put her paw on my foot. I think she was telling me everything will be OK. Isn't that the sweetest little story!
Have a great day!