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Don't panic, she's OK...

Well, the good news is that Cake, my mother's farm managers Donkey is OK, she was just sleeping today.  It is very warm and she is about to give birth this week...The bad news is Penny didn't win :(  ...
Oh well, she is still a winner in my world!  I thought for sure she would be in the top 100 but noooo, she must have been number 101 ~~  LOL
Well, thanks again everyone and as soon as Cake has her baby, I will be taking pictures like crazy!!

Voting is over!

It is time to rest and wait....
Thanks again everyone!

I bet you can't guess who I'm looking at...

Me, Mr. O'Riely!!

Saturday, June 25th,  is the last day you can vote for Penny....please go here  to read her story, please go here to vote and type in Penny G...
Have a great weekend and thank you very much everyone who voted for her!!


Baby Echo at 7 weeks old

Hi Friends, First I want to say a huge thank you for every one who voted for Penny! I will let you know if she wins!!
This is baby Echo who was delivered at my mother's farm. She is doing great and will be going back to her own barn the end of July. Then we are going to have another horse give birth at the farm and the upcoming baby will stay until October!
Happy second day of Summer! I hope it warms up for us here in New England....it is rainy and cold...and I can't wait for the sun to shine, neither can my dogs!!

Please vote for Penny!

Hi Friends, if you have time, please go to my Mary Kay site and vote for Penny G for the Mary Kay makeover contest!    Some of you may know her story, but for my new followers, Penny is my sister in law and has stage 4 tongue and tonsil cancer.  In 2010 she had a recurrence and she then had to have half her tongue removed.  Today, she is cancer free.  Although she cannot eat, she has a feeding tube and that is how she gets her nourishment.  Penny is also doing well because she has a great attitude!  Penny is a true inspiration to everyone who suffers from this terrible disease. Three consumers could be the grand prize winner of a $2500.00  donation of the charity of their choice (please see the website for further rules) and $2500.00 that can be used for a weekend getaway!  YAH!!!! That would be awesome!!
If you can, please go here to vote, it brings you right to the Mary Kay makeover site! We would sure appreciate it!  Please type in Penny G, it will bring you to her picture. Voting ends on June 25!!

Thank you again,

Happy Father's Day!

Happy Father's Day my friends!  This is a photo of my Dad riding his horse in the Berkshires, MA on August 14, 1983.  He loved to ride and to hunt!  His greatest advise to me growing up was to not get angry fast and to not to worry, everything will be fine.  True too, I still try to live by this today! 
I miss you Dad.

Have a great day!


Now that I have your attention!!!

My human brother, yup, this guy right here, the one who thinks he is sooo strong....well, he was just awarded the "Student of the Month" in his high school for May and June for his freshman class!
Can you believe it! He said he almost fell out of his chair when the Principal announced his name over the loud speaker...Everyone started cheering him and he was just as shocked as me!

Well, that's enough good news for today!!!

Have a great day!!

Giving a little sunshine!

Hello my friends, as many of you remember a few weeks ago, there was an EF-5 tornado that hit Joplin, MO and the damage was horrifying.  I heard thru the blog world, over at Tanks blog, that the Joplin Humane Society was in need for fleece for all the displaced  animals that they are taking care of.  If you want to help out yourself, please go here!  Once you do, you can display this nice badge on your blog too!
For more information, please go here....It's never too late to help!

Part two of the pizza delivery guy....

Yes, there was pizza in the box and my human sister in the house ate it after I carried it around the house!  Mom showed her the pictures before she dived in and she didn't seem to care that there was a piece missing either...hehehe
It was delicious too!
 Hi Friends, Happy Thursday!
If you're wondering, where I have been, well, I had a major cold or something of that nature.  I was so miserable it was awful!! Not too mention I was very busy at work and it was beautiful this week outside, except for tonight, it is pouring out!
 I was lucky to receive a couple of nice awards a while back...The Kreativ Blogger is from my lovely friend Gabriela at Wolf Style.  The Versatile Blogger award is from my  other nice friend, McGuffyAnn at McGuffy's Reader.  I really enjoy both these blogs and it would be great if you could visit them!
Of course these awards come with rules, but those of you who know me, I say, if you want them, please take them but please leave Buffy and my son with me! LOL
With accepting these awards, I have to admit 10 things about myself so here goes...
1)  I love animals, just in case you all didn't know that!
2) I really want to get a mini mare.  I have been looking and warned my mother! LOL  Only because I would keep her at her farm.  But again, just in case I want one, doesn't mean I'll get one! 
3) I love selling my Mary Kay.  Even though I still love my real job, the Mary Kay is like a party every time I go out to sell it!  I'm a salesperson at my real job too! I think I just like to sell and socialize!!
4) The "little one" is almost crawling and we had to gate of the kitchen and Ariel, Winston, Mr. Chips, Smokes and Buffy can't stand it!  They keep knocking the gate over.  But it is just too dangerous with all the dogs and the baby trying to crawl.
5)  Scotter, the large while Maine Coon Cat, loves the baby.  He is very patient with her.
6) The "little one" is fascinated with Mr. O'Riely, the bird.
7) I have been giving lightning lessons to my 16 year old son, he seems to think it's safe to be outside...NOT
8) We just got a little swimming pool for the baby and I'm going to use it as a tub for the dogs...right?  My daughter had fit, but lucky for me the dogs can't talk...and she doesn't read my blog!!hehehehe
9)  I think I'm pretty funny sometimes. 
10) Some people don't think I'm funny!!!
Have a great day my friends.

Well, that was scary...

The other night, June 1st around 4:30  my daughter was turning the channel on TV when the news interrupted and said tornado warnings and that one had touched down.  Well this is huge news in New England, well for me anyways...from that moment on we were all glued to the TV.  The tornadoes caused a lot of horrible and tragic damage out in Western Ma and Central Ma where we live.  It was crazy.  I had all the kids, the pets in the basement three times while the super cells were going over head.  You have to understand, that just a few weeks ago I was saying we never get tornadoes and how lucky we are, well, guess what, we aren't that lucky.  My friends who live in Southbridge had serious damage, while another women, Stella, who is 89 didn't know there was a tornado warning and her whole house was damaged except for the living room where she was sitting.  She said her living room got very bright and the house started to shake and then she went outside to only find out that she just lived through a tornado!  How blessed is she?  My good friend in Southbridge takes care of her, that is how I know this.  My other friends still do not have power and they think maybe it will be back on come Sunday. Everyplace you go people are talking about it and apparently a funnel cloud touched down about 3 miles from my house because everyone is telling me about it. 
The lightning strikes were abundant, again, I never saw anything like this. 
Overall, we are safe and everything for us is back to normal. It was a stressful week and I am very glad it Friday.  I'll be visiting all my bloggy friends this weekend!  Time to catch up!

Have a great weekend my friends.