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School days!!!

Thanks to Sarge we are on our way to school with our cool new rocking backpack!  
The first thing we did was jump on the school bus with all our neighborhood friends!
Then it was a day of studying....We learned all about cats! 
 Snack time...filled with LOVE from all our teachers...
Then after a long day at school, it was nap time...

Happy School everyone!!! 


This is what happen's when my Mya makes dinner...

Hello Friends,
almost two years later and we have a name for me, Mya, aka, grammy...Yes, the little one calls me Mya.  Nobody knows why, we can't change it and she picked it!  She has been calling me Mya for almost a month now.  So it is.  
I'm making dinner tonight and the little one decides to feed Winston and Mr. Chips her cookies...don't tell her Mom that Mya gives her cookies before dinner!!
 Then the little one will then put stickers on Buffy....
 Buffy is frantically looking for backup...
Oh, Mr. Chips.....your turn!!!

Have a great day everyone!!!


Wordless Wednesday



The competition is just a little stronger lately...

  Hello friends, with this little critter below, you never know what is going to happen with your water dishes or dog bowls!!  I'm lucky, we have a cat counter...we don't have to worry about what she is going to do next!!!
 This is her little idea of a pedicure!! 
 Now what...
 She is thinking she will put them back one at a time...
And literally, she did!  Nothing like keeping her busy:)

Don't worry, anything left behind, we have her covered!

Happy Labor Day friends!  Take time to rest~