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Happy Birthday & Follow Friday Four Fill-in Fun

Hello Friends~
Long time no see! It is Saturday and I haven't been around all week because I have been swamped.  Really, swamped...
Anyways, today is our  daughters birthday! She is 20 years old today and she is having a great day!  Shopping all day in Providence with me and a party tonight!  Yeah!!!!
So Happy Birthday my dear daughter!  This is a picture of my Mom, me, my daughter and the little one!  I think my daughter looks just like my mother! 

I wanted to do this yesterday but here we go...
My friend, Hilary, at Feeling Beachie, is having a welcome to the first weekly Follow Friday Four Fill-in Fun Blog Hop.
Each week, she will plan on listing four statements with a blank for you to fill in on your own blogs. If you want to join the fun and come up with four fill in’s of your own, please email them to Hilary at feelingbeachie@gmail.com If she use's them, Hilary will add you as co-host to the hop! 

This week’s statements:

1) I can’t help it, but every time I go to the grocery store, I buy one lottery ticket!  OK, I'm really not a gambler, but someone has to win the million dollars, right!

2) No one believes I like blogging and antiquing as much as I do.

3) My knees are my least favorite part of my physical appearance.

4) The first time I cooked for my significant other, I made home made spaghetti.

Have a great day,,,I have to get ready for the birthday party!!


Run Buffy, Run

You  sure can't run from all this snow we are having!  Just another couple of inches today and hopefully rain at the end of week!
Thanks for all the kind comments yesterday! Everything is back to normal and the insurance adjuster is coming out next week to look at all the snow/water damage, which of course the nanny had nothing to do with that! LOL  I just heard of a good remedy tonight at a meeting I was at.  Someone mentioned to put ice melting pellets, IE: calcium chloride,  in nylons and put it in your gutters and the ice is gone? I will have to do some research on this~Also, I will have to put gutters on my house...that could be a problem!  We didn't put them back on after we had new shingles on the roof last year.
Have a great day!

Could it be?

Hi Friends, is it me or could this be the Loch Ness Monster of Grand Cayman? 
I can see it, can you?

Well we are back home and this is how my last two days went...

1)  We had hired a new doggy nanny...and when we walked in at 11:30PM...
2)  House was a complete mess...if you know what I mean...OMD, I cried...
3)  Yes, the animals were well and VERY happy to see us!  That is important.
4) I started cleaning at midnight (went to sleep about two thirty) and finished the next day.
5)  My girlfriend had to come over and help me.  I was overwhelmed.
6) Huge water damage in the house...My son's new room that we just did over
had a flood from the snow and his new floor lifted and the wall was damaged.
7) My office and bathroom, severe water damage.  In my office, it wasn't where the ice was, it was the opposite side.  
8)  Greenhouse collapsed from snow.
9)  Did I mentioned that a door in our house was broken??? I big piece broken off???
I forgot to ask her what happened.
10)  Paid doggy nanny and she said it was a lot work...I wanted to ask her 
what she did, but I didn't.
11)  Learned a huge lesson...Only hire professionals with GREAT references!

I'm over the shock of it now and my home is back to normal...nice and clean!  If you  can only imagine...

Have a great day!


Yeah, we're goin' home

We can't wait to see Ariel, Buffy, Smokes, Winston, Mr. Chips, Lou, 
Scooter, Lilly, Ciara, Bud,  Mr. O'Riely and Lucky!
We'll be back Friday!

Philippine Starfish

Hello Friends, while my son was snorkeling  he came across a lot of these little creatures.
I did take a few quick pictures before he put it back in the ocean. 
I think they are Philippine starfish.  I have never
seen these before but the Caymans do 
have a lot of starfish.

Personally, I wouldn't have touched it. It looks a little scary to me not to mention you shouldn't touch anything under the sea~So next time young son... just look...don't touch...and no, we are not taking it home for a pet!

Happy Valentines Day!

You won't find any snow here!

 The doggy nanny sent me an email that all is going well at home and the crew is doing fine!
I thought I would would show you some pictures from Grand Cayman.  I use to bring the kids swimming when they were younger in the above picture. It is very shallow in front of the reef.  
 This is a seagull trying to hang on in the wind yesterday.
 I have no idea what these flowers are but they are beautiful and you can see them all over the island.
 You literally see hundreds of these iguana's here,  they are everywhere. Small ones and big ones!
This sunset was taken last night!
Sad news though, my mothers dog, Dolly, went to Rainbow Bridge today.  My mother is with me and is very sad.  My sister-in-law was taking care of Dolly and her other two dogs while she is on vacation.  Dolly had been very sick the past few months and I honestly think she waited for my mother to leave.  Please keep my Mom and Dolly in your prayers.
Dolly at "15" years old.


And the winner is...

Rudy, the Dog with the Blog!  Yeah, what a great choice for the "Good Ol' Dog" category in Mango's Minster 2011 show!  Buffy was very cool with this choice because she once won a prize from Rudy!

Now I want to say thank you to Judge Thor for the fine judging.  Even though we tried to bribe the judge with a recipe because Thor's Mom loves to cook, she didn't budge! hehehehehe   We also want to thank Mango's Mom for all her hard work!!
Congratulations to all the winners! 
Have a great day my friends...your all winners in our book!!
It's OK Buffy; you still have the bag from Rudy!


Please don't forget to vote for me...pretty please!!!


Please vote for me here!!  
Even though Mom is on vacation, I decided to take things in my own paws and remind
all my friends to vote for me at Mango's contest today!!

I'm mad at you....

You said your leaving on vacation, WITHOUT US! 
Won't you miss us?
Can't we come?
Well, I'm not talking to you!
Don't worry, your Nanny will be here again taking good care of you!
By the time I get home, you will all be spoiled, I'm sure!

We are heading south and I will be catching up on my friends
while I'm sitting by the pool and drinking rum punch, providing they 
have wireless service!!  :)
Have a nice weekend and stay safe~


*I'm Stylin*

Hello Friends!  We have great news! Our friend, Hilary, at Feeling Beachie was nice enough to give us this very Stylish award. YEAH!!! The rules for this award are pretty easy for us to follow:

1) Make sure you say thanks to the one who gave it to you!!! THANK YOU HILARY!!! For us bloggy friends in the snow, you should look at her header...it's the beach on a nice sunny day and it's a nice blog to read!
2) Share seven things about myself...
3) Pass this award to fifteen other bloggers who you think have style...here's my problem...most of you know me by now and you all have style...how can I pick just 15...could I leave Lorenza out or Charlie???  So everyone is *stylin* in my world!  This is why Mango would never ask me to judge!!! I would feel bad and award everyone first prize...hmmm...just a thought...

My seven things about myself are....

1)  I'm a very easy boss to work for...you really have to mess up to get in trouble.
2)  Very easy going.  My kids will say too easy!!!
3)  I just started my daughter in her Mary Kay business!  It's fun!  She also works at another job, but I'm hoping this takes off so she can stay home more often and just go to college and take care of the "Little One".
4)  Smokes still talks all day long.  We are trying to train him by positive feedback.
5)  Buffy's vet visit from her injured leg went well! She doesn't have a torn anything, she has a little arthritis. We were very lucky not to have surgery.
6)  The "Little One" is a very happy baby!  So far, so good with me watching her while I work.
7)  I love the snow and living in New England! I also love to drive in the snow, if it's snowing, it's time to run errands, of course without the baby!

On a different note...I have been showing the ice from inside my office window.  Here is what it looks like from the outside!


Have a great day my friends~I just missed my 500th post! Sooo, happy 501 posts to me~   

Ice storm!!

Well, our snow levels didn't change that much from yesterday.  Maybe an additional 2 inches of snow.  This is the same fence that I took a picture of yesterday to show the difference but with all the ice we got, the snow got packed down which means....
Buffy can walk on the snow!! How much fun is that!!! You can hear the crunch, crunch, crunch when they walk...
Hey, this is cool!
Mr. Chips has had enough of this, he's coming back inside!
This is the icy view from my office.  When you sit at my desk, you just look at a block of ice that covers the whole window!  Crazy weather!
Have a great and warm day!


Not again...

Hello my Arctic furiends...it is snowing once again in New England! We can't believe it!
I took this picture to show you the fence in the pool area and I will retake it tomorrow for a comparison, the weather people said, maybe another 15-20 inches...but our "Good Ol Girl" Buffy is going out to give us the weather update...
 I'm singing in the snow, just singing in the snow, what a wonderful feeling, I'm happy again....Just singing in the snow...
 Opps, excuse my backside...
 That's better, yeseree, it's snowing...
 It tastes good and smells good too!
 Everything is just as the weather people predicted, it's snowing!!! 
Please cast your vote for me on Feb. 8th over at Mango's show, "pretty please"!!!!