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What could be any better than this!

Have a nice Sunday!

Ariel's family tree!

Dolly, Ariel's Mother! She is 16 years old~112 yrs old!

Taking care of an old dog brings warmth to the heart. (Author Unknown)
Sonny, Ariel's "litter" brother. Sonny & Ariel are 13 years old!
Ariel, playing, does that make us 91 years old Mom!


Ariel dreaming of more playtime tomorrow!

I won an award!

A couple of weeks ago I was extremely lucky to win this great award from Roscoe, at It's a Dogs Life!
We were very happy to have won this nice award because I get to share "seven" things about us!
The rules are pretty simple...here we go!

1) Thank the person who gave you this award. Thank you Roscoe! It was very sweet of you to think of us!
2) Share "seven" things about us...
(A) Winston snores (he is snoring right now!)
(B) Buffy likes to make a lot of noise when Smokes is trying to go outside.
(C) Mr.O'Riely has learned to talk back to Mr. Chips. (I'm going to try to film that!)
(E) Winston will not go to bed without his treat. He will just sit there and wait!
(F) Buffy will not eat meat, only dry food. You see, everyone else finds this strange!
(G) My girl Ariel, is getting old, she is falling a lot lately and making me very nervous. The next time she goes to the vet, I will make sure I tell them. I just make sure she moves slow and I walk her down the stairs and up the stairs too. I also have to keep her on a leash outside now so she doesn't wonder off. I am very afraid she will get lost. I also tap her shoulder in the morning to wake her. It's very cute to see her look at me when I'm waking her up! She sleeps in her bed next to me and Buffy has her own bed in my room too!
(H) We must have at least 100 chipmunks in our yard...what's up with that! Does that mean a lot of snow???
3) Pass this award to 15 blogger friends, one slight problem, I can't do that so please take the award! Picking 15 friends is very hard for me!! This is a stress free blog!! :)
4) That's it! Have a great day and....Happy First Day of Autumn!


Have a great day!

Well, it's about time Mom!

Hey friends, Buffy here and I'm ratting out my Mom right now. She received Rudie's first give a way a while back. Although she LOVED it, she just never showed you the bag. It's great, colorful and big! I'm thinking that she was so far behind with posting this, she now has to take it to the pet store and fill it with treats!! hehehehe

Thanks again Rudy! Your the best!

A note from Mom now...my daughter's baby is on her way!! The doctor said any day now! You never know though, she is not due for three weeks! Can you tell I'm that I'm very excited! I get all teary eyed just thinking about the baby!! I'll keep you updated!!


Wordless Wednesday

Have a nice Wednesday!

OhOh, something smells familiar!

Hi friends, Buffy here, it sure has been a busy week around here, Smokes had a tooth pulled and he is doing fine! Ariel and Winston went the beauty parlor and they look great! Now it's my turn for my yearly check up at the Vet!! Everything always smell so good around here! I don't know why Smokes was complaining!

I'm sure they won't find me under here!
The did find me and they keep on giving me a rub down! I feel like I'm at the spa...Now I know I'm not at the spa!

OK, everything went fine and it's time to go. The Vet said I was a very good girl and most times they have to muzzle cattle dogs, like me. I don't believe that though!
Mom says it's time for a coffee!! Have a great day!


Hey friends, it's Paw it Forward time!

Hey friends! Winston here, a couple of weeks we participated in a Paw it Forward with
"The Chronicle of Woos" and now it's our turn to Paw it Forward too!
This is how it works....
The first three people who make a comment to me that they want to Paw it Forward, Mom will send a contribution to a rescue organization of your choice, in your name. In turn, IF those three blogs owners would like to continue to Paw It Forward (there is no obligation to do so..)you will then post about this on your blog, link back to me and then send something to the first three people who sign up to play along through your blog. It doesn't have to be a contribution, it could be anything at all, something small for the pets or owners, anything at all! That is what is so fun about this Paw it Forward!
That's it! Sounds like fun and what a nice way to start off the changing of the seasons!!
Have a happy day!

Back to the Zoo!

Today was such a nice day, after Earl the hurricane went by yesterday, I went for a ride to the local zoo! I hope you enjoy the pictures! Can you see the baby kangaroo and the mother is trying to help him get up!
Isn't this the cutest picture of the baby standing up! He just stood there and looked around!
This is a baby baboon. He had a little brother too who was about half his size. I figured him to be a teenager!
This is a Jacobs Sheep. He has four horns. These are new to the zoo.
One of my favorites, the giraffe.
This is the first time we actually saw the alligator out of the water. Pretty impressive looking!
I thought you may enjoy a close up. I wouldn't want to clean his area!

Enjoy your weekend!

Time to catch up!

Hey Friends, I found my camera and you won't guess where, so, I will tell you....
behind my fax machine, on my desk! Can you believe it! I'm just glad I found it.
I am now going to catch up for the past week!

Last Sunday, we had the baby shower for my daughter and this is her and my Mom! I loved her cake. It was vanilla inside and very tasty!
I love this picture of her holding a pretty little lamp and this is Penny, my sister-in-law holding a grandmother's pillow that my girl friend gave me!
These were the shower gifts that my girl friend made for everyone! They each have a little battery operated candle inside. They were all different and very cute!
This is my daughter's best friend!
Now, this is my son, the first day of high school! He's giving me the hurry up look because it's time to go!
There, off he goes and he even made the bus!
Have a nice day and I can't wait to visit everyone to see what you all have been up too!