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Mom: Come on Smokes, just one picture to show everyone
your nice haircut!
Smokes: If you take one more picture of me, I'm leaving!!

Please keep my sister-in-law, Penny, in your prayers on Monday. She is having surgery to remove her cancerous tumor on the base of her tongue and she needs everyone's prayers and well wishes.

Thank you so much.

Award Day!

I received a two awards recently and we (all 11 eleven of us) were thrilled! The puppies were jumping and the kitties were meowing and Bud was hopping! What a party! This first award is from my friend over at Aripi de Fluture. She has a great blog and I hope you take the time to visit! Please take this award! It's yours!

This Sweet Friends award is from my friends, Madi and Mom. This is another fun blog. Most of you are followers already, but if your not, please go over and say hi!
The rules for accepting this award are very simple!
1. Copy the image to your blog.
2. List 10 things that make you happy and try to do one today.
3. Tag 10 bloggers to brighten their day. For my friends, they know I can't choose just 10, so please feel free to take it, if you follow the first two rules!
Here are the 10 things that make "us" happy:
1. Taking long naps during the day.
2. Getting treats in the morning and at bedtime.
3. Going on car rides.
4. Rolling around in the snow.
5. Playing catch.
6. Getting dressed up for Moms blog.
7. Reading Moms friend's blogs.
8. Going to the groomers.
9. Having my human brother pass me his dinner without Mom knowing!
10. Having Grandma come over, because she spoils us!
Thank you, Aripi and thank you Madi and Mom!
Have a great day!

What, puppy treats!

OK, which one of you is trying to feed me dog biscuits!

Happy Monday everyone!

I went window shopping!

I went "window" shopping for a few of my bloggy friends last night! Look what I found for Martha and Bailey! I thought they would love this! All the white on his head is lighting...I thought Madi would love this cookie jar.
She could put all her treats in it!

I saw this...Jazzi on furniture!

Four chairs with Jazzi all over it.
I thought Jazzi's Mom would
love this!

I did see some other cool ideas, but security
was following me around.
Pretty funny if you ask me!
If they stopped me, I was
going to have to explain to them
about my blog!

Who knows, maybe they love animals too!
Have a great weekend!

It's time to go to the Vet!

Lilly and Mr. Chips had their yearly physicals today!
Lilly is in her crate and she is NOT happy!Mr. Chips is waiting very patiently for the Doctor
to come in! He is wondering if he
has to put on a johnny!

Mr. Chips passed with flying colors! Although it
looks like he wants off! His ears are looking
like propellers!

Lilly is planning her escape out this window.
She is positive there is a way out somewhere!

We are lucky because the Doctor and the Vet Techs. are excellent!
This is why I'm changing Buffy to this
Vet also. You can't ask for
kinder people!

My Australian Cattle Dog Calendar came in!

Buffy the spokes-dog here... I am very excited to have received the Dogs that Blog, Australian Cattle Dog Edition calendar. Hey, look at Stumpy! Stumpy was adopted on March 23rd!
This is my friend Norwood. Norwood loves my blue collar, he told me! I could just
sit here all day and look at him!

Mom told me that proceeds benefit the New Hope Cattle Dog Rescue.
If you would like to buy a calendar and help out just
visit "newhopecattledogs"!

Well, I have 12 whole months to look at and I
think I'm going to make some new friends!
Have a great day!


Hilary Swank, IH4TH spokes-person. Hi everyone! I just wanted to give you a nice update that IH4TH had the most successful drive ever and placed 1.4 million animals in new homes!
The following animals were adopted this year:
729,357 dogs
588,265 cats
46,016 other animals, rabbits, reptiles, horses, birds and more.
If you are interested in helping next year, there are plenty of ways to help. Just visit www.iamshome4theholidays.com.
Thanks and maybe the next time you're looking for that special pet, think adoption!! I know I will!!

You can tell me the truth...

I overheard Mom calling the groomers...
I don't look that bad, do I??

Hey Everyone, we are Showing Some Love!

I was so happy when we received this beautiful award from CoCo. She is a small, sassy & smart chihuahua that Mr. Chips has a little crush on...
I would like to pass this award to anyone who has left me a comment in January, 2010.
It is very hard for us to pick my friends, because we are smitten :), with each and
everyone of you!
Once you take this award, please pass it along
to at least five of your friends!
Thank you CoCo!!

Buffy goes for a ride!

Buffy loves to go on rides and yesterday was no exception to the rule!I love this, she is giving you the look!

Mom, I love it when it is just you and me time!
Have a nice weekend!

Look how the snow melted!

I wanted to show you this photo I took yesterday! I was driving about and I saw this house with hearts on the roof. Apparently the snow melted this way. Today when I drove by, the snow was gone and the roof was clean! So now, I'm driving around looking at roofs...(of course only at red lights)...I wonder if I can find anything that resembles paw prints!!!

Here I thought I was doing a good thing!

I bought Winston a little dog snuggie today and I was so excited to get it home and try it out!
This is how it went...

At first I thought Winston liked his snuggie, but he

then started to get a little uncomfortable as you will see below!
He's thinking about it...

From the looks of things, Winston did not like his snuggie I bought him! I thought for sure he

would love it! Winston is

always a little cold because he will sleep on top of the heat vents or under blankets. So I would

guess to say, we will stick to the blankets!

Have a great day and stay warm!

All I want to do is take a cat nap!

I'm minding my own business, trying to catch a little cat nap after all the New Year's festivities...Then I spot Buffy...

Buffy loves to tease me and will bother me every chance she gets!

Thankfully all I have to do is to "give her the look" and she will run off to Mommy like a little puppy who has lost her bone!

Enjoy your weekend! I know I will!