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Happy Birthday to me!

Hey Friends, Happy Memorial Day! I hope your all enjoying your day. We had an awesome weekend! We had two cookouts and today is my birthday! My kids took me to the Zoo and it was a gorgeous day to walk around! They have lots of beautiful birds.

We go to the Zoo often because it is very close by. When the kids were smaller I think I took them a couple times a month!

Today there were lots of baby animals.

This is my son feeding the deer! The last time he tried this, last year, the deer knocked him over!

He is smiling because he has all his fingers!

This is the tram I went on. For my friends who know me, they would tell you that I am VERY afraid of heights, so this on a huge accomplishment of mine to even get on it, but I did and I'm still here to tell the story!

Lots of cute little monkey's.

A beautiful peacock!

My family and friends would be the first to tell you that I celebrate the whole month for my birthday. I start on May 1st and continue until today! I tell everyone it's my birthday and it's just fun! I think because it falls on or around the Memorial Day holiday and we always had parties when I was small. Come to think of it, I still have parties some years because it is a good day to have a cook out!
Have a good day everyone!

With a little bit of imagination....

Can you hear Lilly playing "God Bless America"!
Happy Memorial Day weekend my dear friends!

Lilly's new look!

Well, Mom warned me, she said if I wouldn't let her cut my mats out I would get a new pixie for the summer! I guess she meant what she said! She smells good!

Mom says my hair feels like silk, very soft!

Well, I guess I better start to groom myself a little better. I bet not every cat
can do a yoga pose like this one!

What a day!

Time for a catnap!
Have a good day everyone!

Wordless Wednesday

Have a great day!

For our loyal friend, Maxdog.

With our deepest sympathy for Maxdog of South Africa. Thank you for everything Maxdog, for your tours,
your kindness and your love for your
bloggy friends all the around world.
These flowers are for your Mom and Dad in
their time of sorrow.

I told you Mom we were good kitties!

Hey Friends! Look what "Rumblemum" made us...the Good Kitty Club badges! YEAH!!! When Mom went to her computer on Saturday and read her emails she was so surprised and happy to see the badges. The way she was smiling we thought we made it into the Good Kitty Club and WE DID!!!!
Thank you Inigo and Rumblebum (and your Mom) for making the badges!!!! Have a great day!

Just a nice checkup at the Vet!

It was that time again, time for our yearly visit at the vet! We have to be honest with you, we really don't like going even though Mom says our vet is the best!They started with Winston first. Mom was happy that he has dropped one pound since last year! Everyone says that Mom gives us way too many treats!

Ariel would like to exit before she is even seen!

Please help me someone!

Why do they have to check my teeth!

OK, now this is embarrassing...

Whew, time to go home. We both fell sound asleep!
Thankfully, all is well!

Happy Friday everyone!

Gabe CATegory

Hey Friends, Well, I'm getting back to normal, what ever that is...Thank you all again for your very kind well wishes. It has been a tough week and I truly appreciated all your kind comments. I have to say, YOUR THE BEST!

I also almost had a nervous break down last night. Now I want you to picture this. I'm upstairs, getting ready to watch "The Nanny" with Fran D. anyways, I checked my emails on my phone and Khyra, the Siberian Husky told me that the OP Pack emailed her to say my blog was deleted. If you could only imagine me running down the stairs to my office and sure enough, my blog was deleted. I just looked and didn't panic, a good idea I thought. I first emailed Google, then I went to my Kindness blog and that was up. I hit the button to go this blog and it worked. I have no idea what happened but I want to thank Khyra and the OP Pack for helping me out. I really appreciate that you both took the time out to let me know. I'm not sure what to do, I just asked the computer company if I could back up my blog and they said no, but I think I should somehow. So I will be working on that next!
Well now for the news your were anxiously waiting for....I had to pick another CATegory prize for GABE.
I first went for the bag....

Lou started to help out, but she wanted Ariel to take over.

I'll get it Mom!

I'm looking!

Got it! OLD KITTY, you win!!! YEAH!!!!
I'll drop by your blog to give you the details.

Have a great day!

Hey everyone...

Hi everyone, sorry I have not been around much lately. You know that Cathy passed away and tonight was her wake and tomorrow is the funeral. I also would like to thank you all for your kind thoughts. I really appreciated that more than you know. The days have been flying by... My computer is also on the brink, I brought it into get fixed last Monday and I called everyday....this is a huge chain that prides themselves on service...on Friday, they told me "I'm not priority"...are you kidding me...OK, so now I'm stuck...I can't download pictures or really do anything because I don't have a computer. I am on an another computer now that is not mine, but I just thought I would update you. I am going to pick another GABE winner for the CATegory, hopefully on Tuesday...that is IF I get my computer back.
Again, thank you for your kind words.

Cuddles and Brawny

Hello my friends, my dear friend Cathy passed away yesterday after a long battle with cancer.
We have been friends for a very long time and it's a very sad day today for all of us who knew her. These two little guys are her dogs, Cuddles and Brawny. She loved her pets with all her heart. Before Cathy went into hospice, they would both lay on the couch with her every moment of the day to keep her company!

Please give your pets a hug today, for Cathy.

Happy Mother's Day!

My son bought me this cute little Angel for Mother's Day and I thought I would share it with you seeing she is holding a puppy!I hope everyone is enjoying their day!
Happy Mother's Day!

Hey, I'm an amazing animal too!

Hey friends, Happy Friday!
Well, I couldn't believe my eyes, this week when I was visiting my
friend, Cathy, who is in hospice, I saw this skunk in front
of my car, now I freaked and jumped in my car.
Then it walked next door to the house across the street
and ate dinner!So the next night, I'm back and so is the skunk...this time I had
my trusty camera. Now I'm wondering if they feed this skunk
or it is just by coincidence. This is normally at dusk when I'm
visiting Cathy so who knows...I want to knock on their door
but I don't want to get of my car :)..I'm a big chicken when
it comes to skunks.
Truth be known, I'm a big chicken to any wild animals, I love
them, but I try to avoid them. I give Fern tons of credit
for feeding her beloved raccoons. Every time she talks about
them, lovingly, I sit at the edge of my seat, but she says they
are all friendly...I have to somehow get over my fear of wild
creatures...the good news is, I rolled my window down and took
the pictures...now, that is step in the right direction!
Have a great day!

How to grab the stuffy!

Buffy, you distract him and I'll grab the stuffy and run!So, Mr. Chips, what's going on!

Awww, that was easy!

We are all in this together, right!

What do you think....

Thanks Buffy! I owe you one...

Have a stress free day everyone!