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Mom's busy and I know it!!

Really Mom, almost a month...What a month it's been too...her cousins came to visit from sunny Florida, her Mom was sick and Bernie is now in rehab with Parkinson's disease...soon to come home  and my Mom has to drive her Mom back and fourth twice a day and work and blah, blah, blah...
Like she's the only busy person in America...haha
We, for fun will post these pictures on what has been happening.  Tomorrow is Buffy's 13'th birthday...really 13!!!  She looks great for 13!  

 This is not for the weak...Winston has this weird growth on his paw and has been being treated with three different meds for a month!
 He is doing better now!!
 Cousins from Florida! 
My Mom's, Mom and Bernie on Father's day!
 Sophie is keeping an eye on you!!
 Grandma's been busy...Grandma's been busy...
 My human brother with his fishing lure getting cut out of his finger!!Oh what fun!!
 It's been very hot in the East and my Mother's cousin bought my Mom this cake because he thought it was funny how everyone from New England talks about a 90 degree day....he's from Florida!

Have a happy day my friends!

Mr. Chips

Happy Birthday Buffy!!

Ride on~Rocco

I was going out to dinner the other night with my mother and Bernie and look who we saw on the way in.  I met his dad having dinner inside the door way.  I asked to take his picture of course and told him I would be posting him.   This little dog was so cute!  He sat their for a long while too!! 
His name is Rocco and apparently he rides everywhere with his Dad!  Hmmm, I wonder if he likes to ride in cars with the windows up or down? 

Have a great day!