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Time for dinner!

We have a sea anemone in our salt water tank and we were just told that he would be much happier if we feed him by hand...sooooo, my son feeds him every other day, as instructed.   All you have to do is place a frozen shrimp in the middle of him...then he will close his tentacles around it!
In the picture below, it is all gone!  This took about three minutes at the most.  The other fish will sometimes try to take it but we feed them at the same time to keep them all busy! 
Crazy, he loves it.

So anyone have any good names for him?  I can't come up with one...we call the eel, Neil...sick, but it works!

Have a good day and if you have a catchy name, just let me know!


Wordless Wednesday


I'm just a little sleepy...

I'm exhausted...Mom thinks I'm just old and the human kids are telling her to "Do Something"...Mom is sad and say's I'm fine.  Tomorrow, I'm going for my beauty appointment (fur and nails) and I'm hoping I will feel better then.  I am weak and bumping into things, pacing in circles, but I'm still hungry and still love my ears scratched and that makes my Mom happy!!  Her friend thinks I had a stroke, maybe, but I'm old...14 1/2, that makes me about 101 years old in your human years!  So of course I act old!

Have a great weekend my friends.


I think somebody can't make up her mind!

What are you looking at!  I hate to sleep my myself!


Guess who's 21....

Hey friends, my human sister just turned 21...Our mom can't believe it!  She keeps saying,
boy, that went fast!! Who's boy???
We had balloons...
Mom found this old picture about 20 years old!  
My human sister's first drink at 12:01AM!  hehe...If you believe that, I'm going to tell you 
that my Mom cooks dinner every night too!

Happy Birthday and the reason why I'm telling you, is that I'm her pup!  Our Dad bought me for her when she was 14 years old!

Have a great day!

Mr. Chips