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My brother, his granddaughter and Smokes having a howling time!

This is just too funny, Thanksgiving day, we had the family here and while I was cooking, my brother was video taping the action!
I thought you may enjoy my brother, his granddaughter and Smokes seeing who can howl the loudest!

I went shopping today for the Paw it Forward friends. I can't wait until they get their packages. I think they are going to love the surprises!

Have a great day!

I wonder who is Lilly's best friend?


Happy Sunday Everyone!

Even Bud needs a bath!

Buffy would have made such a nice mother! She is so gentle with Bud.

My daughter's fiance is the one that allows Buffy to give

Bud a bath! I probably would have never

allowed that. As it turns out, Buffy is very gentle!

I would never try this with Ariel, although we did find Ariel carrying a hamster

around and she never did anything, except give it back to us!

Enjoy your day!

Happy Thanksgiving!

I am very thankful for all my followers and the new
friends I have made!
Thanks for making my blog fun!
The Paws it Forward package will be going to:
Nellie & Calvert
If you are not friends with them already, I highly suggest you visit
their blog!
A package will also be going to "White Snakes" owner!
Hmmm, what should I get a snake!
Oh, don't worry, he has two dogs and two cats also!
Many blessings are sent your way for a very
Happy Thanksgiving!

~Princess Buffy~

Buffy's previous owner called me last night and ask me if Buffy felt abandoned...
You tell me!


It was a very happy day here on Saturday! We received our
package from Brutus and his Mom!
We were so excited! Winston couldn't wait to see his new toys!

Yeah, presents!!! The geese really honk! We even received some nice organic

Newman's Own Doggy treats and Dental Stix with chicken in the middle!

We can't wait to have Mom fill the Twist 'N Treat!

On behalf of my furry family, I would like to thank
Brutus and his Mom for all the fun gifts!

We are sending lots of doggy kisses and hugs
to Brutus and his Mom!
It is now my turn to PAW IT FORWARD!
I would like to send a package off to three of our
friends. All you have to say is:
in your comments to me! The first three
to do this, I will be shopping for you this week!
All you have to do


to two-three friends that you have!

Please enjoy this video, Buffy thought the package
tasted like treats!

A Happy Ending!

Thursday afternoon, as I walked into the house after a long day on the road...(OK, not that long, only about four hours) and as soon as I walked in I saw this cute little ball of fuzz on my couch without anyone else around except for Mr. Chips, Ariel, Buffy and Winston! At first I thought, this can't be...not another one! I am having some work done in the house so I thought it was the workers pet, but no, they just laughed. Then I started calling for one of the kids and up came my daughter's fiance.
Apparently, he found this little ball of fuzz in the middle of the road about 1 mile from our home. He looked scared and lost.
Mr. Chips was sitting on his stuffy, just in case this little ball of fuzz had any funny ideas!

The hero below, called the police and dog officer. Sure enough, this ball of fuzz was lost! Her family told "the hero" that the fire alarm went off and she took off! She was about 3 miles from her home when "the hero" found her!

So off they go, to Home Sweet Home!

Her name is Tasha and it turned out, Tasha is owned by one of son's classmates in the local school!
Have a great weekend and I hope all your stories have happy endings like this one!


A few weeks ago I was approached by a candy company called Sucre, in New Orleans, LA. Anything about candy, I would open! They offered to send me some free candy to try if
I blogged about it. However, you know how I feel about taking freebees, I'm not one to do that I would rather just buy a sample to see if I like it. Well, I did, and it was delicious. I tried the Avery, this was topped with salt! That was new to me, but it was good! Here's the catch, why I'm posting about candy and my pet blog... Sucre is going to take a portion of online sales and donate it to the Louisiana SPCA . The Louisiana Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals is a private non-profit organization that exists solely through the donations and support of people who love animals! To learn more please go to Louisiana SPCA. This benefit is running now through January 1, 2010.

I am going to order the Sucre peppermint stick drinking chocolate next!Sucre is a New Orleans based confectioner known for their delectable, hand-crafted artisan chocolates as well as their scrumptious pastries and macaroons, which are even Oprah-approved! They are located in the heart of the Garden District on Magazine Street and in addition to their home-made and hand-crafted chocolates and pastries; Sucre offers a variety of gelatos as well as gourmet coffees and even champagne for in-store guests.

As an added bonus, Sucre is offering anyone who orders online $5.00 off of shipping (or shipping for $4.95) Code: SPCA

This is Bon Bon the owner's Frenchie! I had to make sure I gave him a little blog time, that I'm sure is well deserved!

Have a great day!

If you try Sucre's candy, please let me know if you like it as much as I did!

Wordless Wednesday!

Sweet dreams Ariel!Have a great day!

Same Time Next Year!

Happy Wednesday everyone! I was over at Two Special Wires yesterday and they have a great post on the *worldwide moment* that approximately 400 bloggers participated in. This year it was started for our very good friend Snickers and other best friends~. So they thought it was a good idea to do the same *worldwide moment* next year, to send loving and positive energy to all who needs it. They have posted a countdown time clock you can grab and the Circle of Paws symbol. If you would like to email me, I can forward you the HMTL code for the clock because Two Special Wires sent it to me to use! I think it is a wonderful idea and maybe next year we can double the number of people sending well wishes to all the pets and the pets families who need our prayers and good energy.

Don't forget to hug your pet today!

Decisions, Decisions...

Hmmm, which one should I play with Mom?

Even a cameo appearance with Winston!

Rain, Rain go away~~

It was a rainy day today and almost everyone was sleeping all day, except for this cute little bird I saw outside!Scooter is trying to sleep with Ariel wondering around her.

That's way better, Ariel and Winston love to sleep on the couch! The kids just taught Buffy how to jump on the couch tonight!! So move over guys!

Even Buffy was laying down while she was eating. That was a first for me, they other guys have never laid down and ate!

Scooter is finally fast asleep!

Happy Sunday Everyone!

Well wishes are being sent around the globe.

I wanted to send well wishes to all my blogger furry friends and their families who are in need. Especially MaxDog and Snickers. When I go outside at 6pm (EST), Saturday, November 14 (5pm- Iowa time) and turn west to wish Snickers our well wishes, I am then going to turn east to send MaxDog our prayers and well wishes also. Miracles do happen! Please keep all our furry friends and their families in your prayers.
*Thank you*

Please, Let Us Out!

The dogs really want to go outside after dinner. You can even hear Mr. O'Riely in the background getting into the fun! Please notice that the smallest of all is the loudest in the group!

Have a good day!

Buffy's new bed!

Hmmm, I wondering, Buffy looks a little uncomfortable in her new bed! I think she fits, but maybe she needs a larger one and I can always give this one to Winston. Buffy's head is hanging off half the night!

Now, she is trying to sleep~

OK, now I'm looking good!

Have a good day!

Almost Wordless Wednesdays!

First I would like to wish all our hero's, Happy Veteran's Day! Thank you for all you do!This is Natalie, the turkey that lived at my Mother's farm for several months!

Everyone just loved her!

Then she went back to the flock and we haven't seen her in a while but we still enjoy talking about her. Considering she walked around with Mom's four dogs, she had had personality of her own and personally, I thought Natalie, was thinking she was a dog the way she would just walk around the farm!

Have a great day!

Guest Cat Monday!

This is Monkey, my brother's family cat!This is Kitten, my friends, Joanna and Generals Cat from Cayman Brac.

Have a great day!

Buffy, Meet Bud!

Bud, the bunny is meeting Buffy up close and personal! Surprisingly enough, Buffy was gentle with Bud! A few sniffs, just too make sure Bud is one of us!

Bud, living in the lap of luxury in his new condo! I love rabbits and NO, I'm not getting another one!

Have a great day!