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Bud found his better half!


Hello Friends, Buffy's friend, Norwood is having a fun contest, it is the "Find your better half" contest!

This is Bud, our bunny...

This is Bud's better half!  Cute isn't she! 
Well, we found Bud's better half on Petfinder!  You can go to Petfinder and adopt a pet. All I had to do is to put in my zip code and ask for rabbits or the pet your looking for and it gave me several rabbits to choose from!
This little bunny is for adoption on Petfinder!  Oh boy, I would love another bunny but we already have two.
Thanks again Norwood for having this fun contest in conjunction with Mango's show!
Have a great day my friends!

Two heads are better than one!

Have a great day~


Hello my friends, I don't live on Snow Road, but I feel like it!  The amount of snow we have in New England is crazy!  We have to have over 50 inches of the white stuff~~

 The dogs usually don't go out back anymore.  I have to get the kids to shovel for them again.  Maybe this weekend.  For now, they have to go outside in driveway!  Pool area is off limits!
 Poor Winston, he almost got stuck. I was just about to run out for him and...
 Buffy gave him a nudge!
Then I thought I would visit my mother because she has been very sick this past week.  For those of you who do not follow my "human" blog, as one of newest followers called it, my mother fell going UP the escalator at Macy's.  Yesterday, we spent the day in the hospital again and they gave her some IVs and today she is 99% better!  Thank goodness for that!  OK, back to my story....I could NOT get up her road. I even have four wheel drive for the New England weather, but couldn't make it around the bend a little further up!  I'll try again tomorrow. 
 As I was backing down her driveway, I took this snap shot of the woods.  We have so much snow and there is more to come this weekend!
Stay warm my friends!

A little joke...

 Hey "Little One", did you by chance hear this joke? 
Where do you put a barking dog?????? 
In a barking lot!!
Gigi, Winston told me my first joke!!  
Have a great day my friends~

Are you sure she is sleeping?

Have a great weekend everyone!

This is how the boys watched the Patriots lose Sunday night!

The boys had fun Sunday night watching the Pat's get their "tails" kicked!!
OK, get it...."Tails"....hehehehe

 There is nothing like TV and snow to make you feel like your at the game! 
On a different note...
The "Little One" is now in her big girl chair!!
Have a great day everyone!


What do you think I could possibly be looking at?

Sorry, Scooter, you can't get me! 

Have a great day!



Could Buffy be the next "Good Ol Gal"!!

We entered the Mango Minster 2011  Show!! 
Last year we just read and dreamed of entering this year~~~

 Buffy is the "Good Ol Gal" if I ever have seen one!  She loved her original owner, my Dad!  His constant companion for about 10 years!  Everyday, everywhere, Dad went, Buffy went!
 When I adopted her after her short stay at my Dad's friends farm, I learned she could do all kinds of things...I adopted her because the donkeys didn't like her too much!  I was very happy to see that she fit right in with all of us.  Buffy now will stay with me, all day!  My Dad would be sooooo happy!
This is just some of the things she does on a daily basis...she reads....this is Twinkie's book and we still have to show you  our new book, Paw Steps to Happiness by Bella!  She loved that book too!
 Buffy sleeps behind my desk!
 She will dress for the holidays!
 Not to mention, sit next to yellow chickens...
 She is one cool dudess!
 She watches TV, no football for her, just Dancing with the Dogs!
 Buffy will even keep a good secret!
 She keeps up on her blogging and the world news!
 By nightfall, she is ready for dinner....hmmm, is this a "diva" picture, no, just having fun with Mom!
I'm even patriotic!

So, I guess you get the picture, am I a  "Good Ol Gal" or what!   My Mom thinks so!!
Have fun my furiends and we know their  are lot of great "Good Ol Gals and Boys" out their, so good luck everyone! 
Buffy & Mom

Now we're barking...

A good old fashion nor'easter last night!  Smokes is in his glory!!


Guess who is 16!!

Hello friends!  Today is our brother's birthday!  Yeah!!!

No, not me!  hehehehe
 Our human brother's 16'th birthday!!! Yup, that's right, he is 16!  Mom can remember when she was 16 oh about 37  no or was it 20 years ago!!   How exciting this year will be.  He can now get his license and maybe even take us for rides!! 
Happy Birthday, human brother!  The best part about our brother is that he loves all of us and has no favorites!!  We hope he has a great day today because he is patient, kind and loves to play with us.  He even feeds us dinner every night and will take us on long walks!  We hope you get a lot of presents!!

Have a great day everyone! 


Buffy, Ariel, Smokes, Mr. Chips, Winston, Lou, Scooter, Lilly, Mr. O'Riely, Bud & Ciara.

You have to imagine this happening every night...

Good evening friends, I am writing this post and it is dark out side, it is  7:46 PM and pitch black.  This is the routine in my office...

Buffy will come in, lay down next to my desk and look up!

 Here it is, the sky light. She can see her shadow and she barks and barks and barks! 
 Then, she lays downs and sleeps.  A little strange, but it's her routine!  I suppose it could be worse!

Yeah, I suppose it could!

 Happy Sunday my friends and we have read about so many of our furry friends who are sick, that we are sending lots of prayers to you for nothing but good things to come your way.



Would you like something? We are trying to take a nap!

Have a great day!


A quite January day at the farm.

I still get to my Mother's farm most days to check in and make sure all is well!  It is so peaceful on the farm and the air is especially crisp and clean when it is below freezing outside!

This is the resident duck and I believe she is the farm manager's pet.

 Here's my horse, Lucky, enjoying the cool crisp air!

I'm not sure how the ducks swim in the cold icy water, but they love the cold too!

If your going back to work after the Holidays, enjoy your day!