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Do you want to know what I'm thinking about....

I hope you all have a good weekend!

Hey, whats up!

Hey surfer dudes! Yup, I think the heat has gotten to Mom and the kids...they put Bud and me (Ciara) on a surf board. All I heard was giggling...Don't worry, we were completely safe! Bud loved it~ He was walking around on the surf board.
I felt like I was on the front of the ship with the wind blowing on my fur...
Loving this!
Awww, I don't want to get off now...
Wait until tomorrow, she also put Mr. Chips and Winston on the board!

Happy tails to you....

Almost Wordless Wednesday!

Who new!

Happy Wednesday my friends!

Scent of the Missing...book review, week one...

A couple of weeks someone in the blogosphere sent me a book to read about a search and rescue dog and the love of a partnership between the rescue dog and it's human. Normally I turn all the offers down, but this book just sounded like a winner! So, every Monday or Tuesday, I'm going to have a Scent of the Missing book review oh how I like the book! This way, I can share the story with all of you too!
The Scent of the Missing is written by Susannah Charleson and so far so good. The first chapter jumps right in to finding a missing girl in a small town. It is captivating right of the bat. So, that is all I'm telling you now...you will have to wait until next week! If you by chance have this book and you would like to leave a review also, just let me know and we can start a book club!
Until then, have a good day!

Have a great weekend!

Same kitty, Lucy Blue! This is my daughter's friends kitten! The one who just had the bath yesterday! She is just having a better hair day today! I hope you all enjoy your weekend and don't forget to hug your pets!


Ever have one of those days!

I hope you all have a good Friday!

The news you were waiting for...

This is my Mom's farm that I visit on a daily basis and about 2-3 months ago a women dropped off three horses to be boarded but my Mother only had room for two. This border new this and left one of the horses behind the barn anyways and we did find room for her. She paid her board for one month and one night (so the story goes), she came and picked up two of the horses and left one behind...
The horse is an Arabian and her name is Misty, but I prefer we use her nick name, Lucky!
Here she is...Cute isn't she! She is about 18-20 years old and has a few ailments, but nothing too bad according the vet. The horse vet lives next door. She has two melanoma's which is common in grey horses. I call her white though, but she can live with these for 10-15 more years. She does have a big growth on her shoulder, but again, it doesn't cause any harm or pain and you can still ride her.
SO it was me or the auction blog. She is a nice girl and very friendly. I have help at the barn to take care of her and the price was right, free! Lucky (Misty) was abandon and we have the letter to prove it. The person had their 15 year old daughter write a letter saying that Misty was no longer theirs. This is quite common now a days because it is hard to pay board and to feed. I am lucky because I don't have to pay the board and my mother is glad because she doesn't have to send her away to the auction block because the next stop is....I won't even say it!
Well, she will have a good life now because I adopted her. I am now her adoptive Mom and I have plenty of kids who will ride her from the barn (not mine) and I will do the grooming. I have not rode in years but I love being in the barn and around the horses. It is very peaceful around the horses. I can also keep a closer eye on my Mom and all the doings at the farm. I have to say I am very busy and I know that, but my daughter's fiance works their also and he will help for now!
That's the news! I guess you can take the girl away from the farm but you can't keep the farm away of the girl!

Ride on my friends!

Happy Blogoversary too me!

Hey my furiends, guess what today is!! It is my Mom's Blogoversary! It has been one year already since she started blogging. The original title of her blog was "Meet my funny little animals" but she soon changed it to this current title. She has 397 posts...can you believe it! She talks a lot even when she is not on her blog!

Mom wanted to post some pictures from this past year, like, Winston walking in the snow that is deeper than himself.

Ariel, sleeping behind Mom's desk, this is Ariel's couch!
Remember "Paw it Forward"...this was fun and this past year we had adopted Buffy!
This is my Grandma at the "Blessing of the Pets" that was on October 4, 2009. We remember that because it's my Grandma's birthday that same day!! This year she is planning on taking all her pets! I think we will need a bus!!
This is Lou at Halloween...Before blogging, Mom never new how much fun it would be to dress up her pets. Her kids think she is a little tapped, but that's OK. Mom says it's fun and what do they know anyways!!
This is Bud as a baby and if you read back, his name was Thumper in the beginning, I don't remember that, but that is what my Mom's blog says. I don't even remember who or when we changed his name. We also adopted another rabbit from my human sister's fiance. Her name is Ciara, the one who just went missing and then found again!
Last but not list, the one legged bird Mom liked from the Cayman Islands and do you know this picture was taken in August 2009 and he is still alive and still at the resort. My Dad and human brother were just there and told me they saw him...I couldn't believe it either, but I don't think they would lie about that!!
Mom would like to say something now...Thank you Mr. Chips for that nice blogoversary message...I also want to thank everyone who follows my blog! I have enjoyed meeting you in the blogosphere and reading about your pets and your families too! I am now looking forward to the next year and I hope it is as much fun as this past year! Oh for those of you who are wondering, my news is coming tomorrow! Don't you just love the wait!

And "THEY" said it would never last.....


Our yearly trip to the local donkey show!

Howdy! I took my son and his friend to the local donkey show that was on Saturday! This long haired mule who was hot and cranky. I should have gotten him on video. It was very hot and with all his hair, I couldn't blame one bit! (Get it, bit? It's short for bridle! hahahaha)They had a lot of mini's and I just love mini horses. They are just so cute to look at!
Anyone have to use the restroom?
This was one of my favorite mules. He was good looking and groomed well and I don't mean the cowboy either!
These guys were just hanging out most of the day.
My son patting the mule. He also loves the mini's!
Well, we will have to wait until next year to go to another show. I'm seriously thinking of getting a mini horse for up at the farm but I have more news coming first! The mini may have to wait!

I hope you all have a happy day!


Whew, are we lucky!

Shortly after this picture was taken a couple of days ago, Ciara, the bunny went missing. We looked and looked and looked. She was in the big pen outside with Bud the bunny and somehow they got out. Bud stayed around the pen, but Ciara took off. Two days later, my husband was outside brushing Smokes and their she was eating in the pen. I ran upstairs to get the boys because they were looking all day and even at night with flashlights. Ciara was acting like nothing happened and of course we all thought the worse.
All I can say we are very glad she is back (a bunny miracle, perhaps) and no one is admitting to leaving the gate open. I don't think it will happen again!

Saying farewell to Middi.

Dear Friends, I just received an email from my friend Doris over at Crocheting in Georgia about her beautiful cat, Middi. Middi went to Rainbow Bridge last night unexpectedly. Her name was Middi because she was all black, like midnight! Doris found her half-starved about two years ago on her doorstep. Middi was determined to live because not only was she half-starved she was bony and had a terrible respiratory infection. Doris thinks she must have been dumped at her doorstep with the people knowing that Doris would help.

Doris did help, even though Gizzy (Doris's dog that you know) didn't warm up to Middi, Doris still took Middi to the vet and had her checked and immunized, treated and spayed. She was a very good pet to Doris and was an indoor and outdoor cat.

Middi had slipped out the door a couple of times this past week and remained outside. There is a feeding station outside for cats, with water and food. Doris thinks that a stray dog must have attacked her and it was Middi's time to go to Rainbow Bridge.
Doris is very sad about her loss, even though she knows Middi is at peace now and Doris only wishes she could have given Middi a better life, but reading this, Middi had a great life with Doris. Doris took her in and cared for her.
Middi was only three years old and Doris had her for two years.
If you have time, please go over to Doris's blog to at least say hi.
Thank you again,

Sweat dreams....


Wordless Wednesday!

Have a great night!

There is nothing like....

Little kids talking to kitties.
Bunnies eating in the road and you have to stop so they can finish!
Cute little puppies!
Just thought I would brighten your day a little!