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Thursday's Feel Good Moment!

This is definitely a feel good moment, "Toby's Memory Award" and wishing that Toby will always be happy and to Toby's human who taught him well! Every time I look at a guide dog, I do think of Toby, this is a feel good moment to me!
I hope you have a feel good moment too!

It's my stuffy!

Hey everyone! Happy Wednesday!!! I just want to tell you how much I LOVE this stuffy. I happily woke up my Mom a few nights ago to let me out so I could grab him. I left him outside and I couldn't sleep with out him! I play with him like crazy because it's just plain old fun!

Don't even think about it Buffy, he's all mine!

Have a great day everyone!

Happy Monday!

Hey everyone! I hope you all had a nice weekend! Of course I didn't give Lilly or Mr. Chips a bath but this week I will! The weekend went flying by but I did get a lot accomplished! Well my little grand-niece will be two on Saturday! Yeah, big party coming up! Isn't she the cutest little lamb!!! hehehe That is her Mom next to her! Her name is Mary, get it, Mary had a little lamb...Only kidding! Her name isn't really Mary, just a little blog humor, that's all!! :) Oh, I crack myself up! Jingles, we are looking for you!!!! Please contact me so I can send you the GABE prize! Have a great day everyone!


I was over the farm today and ....

Hey everyone, I am so glad it's Friday! TGIF!!!! Tomorrow, I have lots to do. First on the list is to give Lilly a bath..Maybe..oh and Mr. Chips too! Well, today I was at the farm and I saw this beautiful cat! I don't know who he is, but WOW, what a beauty. He looks like my old cat, Maurice with the exception of the white tip on his tail. I had Maurice for about 12 years. He was a great cat! This is a great picture, I can just hear him thinking to himself...what is she doing!
Then I came across this little cutie. This is one of the cutest dogs I know. It's a tiny mutt! Very soft and hyper. She wouldn't stay still for her pictures I wanted! My mother is babysitting her
for the weekend. Hey, I want to babysit her!

This is a head shot! I think she only weighs about 2#'s. Too little for my house!

Here is the owner of little Miss Bechoe. OK, she is cute too!

Have a great weekend everyone!

Thursday's feel good moment!

Auntie, Moose and I are tired!Sweet dreams!

We hope you all have a feel good moment today!
Happy Earth Day!

Lilly has taken over~

Hey Mom, this isn't your animal blog...what's going on! I really hope I didn't hit any
wrong buttons! Hmmm, we haven't heard from Jingles yet, don't
forget that you won the GABE giveaway in the CATegory prize that we held! Please contact me if you read this!Isn't this where your computer goes, maybe not!!!
Can you see me thinking of what to post next, maybe
Mom will get a good feel good moment shot of me
this week!

Have fun!

Quick, Lou went outside!

Lou escaped today! Every time we turn around and when someone opens the door, out he goes! Something smells really good!

Hmmm, something tastes good too!

OK, enough of that and why is everyone watching me and taking pictures!!!

OH Look! Now they have me posing on the table.

This is my good side!

Well so much for my day out in the sun, they had the audacity and brought me back in the house!

Have a great day!

Drum Roll Please!

Well, today is the day when we pick the TWO lucky winners!I have called upon my son's good friend to do the honor!

He has been my son's best friend for about 12 years now!

The first pick is for the
Kittie category!

OK, here is the story, I can't seem to get a hold of them, so I am giving

Jingles FIVE full days to contact me for your prize! So if you know them,

please let them know!!! I would truly appreciate that!

Now for the dogs!!!



WOW~~~I will be contacting Khyra by blog!!

I just want to thank everyone who entered! It was
so much fun!

A party wouldn't be any fun with a music and

Thank you TWINKIE!!!!

Your the best!

Don't tell me GABE is over tomorrow!

Hey everyone! Ariel here, Mom tells me that GABE is over tomorrow. I can't believe it! As Twinkie said, we met a lot of new friends and we also reconnected with some old friends. We had so much fun, we can't wait until next year!So far, this is what we have for names for the dog prize! I have

a lot of names and we are going to pick one!

This is the cat bag! We have a lot less names in this bag

so your chances are a little better!

Tomorrow, we will be pulling out one name from each bag and
Mom will contact the lucky winners via your blog and Mom will
post the winners on our blog!
Good Luck everyone and thank you again
for being Mom's friends! She talks about

all of you all the time and she loves to read about
your pets are up too!

Thank you Twinkie for coming up with GABE and giving
everyone the opportunity to have LOTS of fun!


A day at the farm!

Hey everyone! I hope you enjoy these pictures I took at my mother's farm today. This little cutie is Gypsy. She is a little yapper and quite the watch dog of the group!
This is Sonny boy, Ariel's brother. He is a lot bigger
than Ariel, plus Sonny has a lot of hair and I keep Ariel
with a very short haircut.
This old girl is Dolly, Ariel and Sonny's mother!

The horse pasture!

A few of the horses that she boards.

The horse barn!

Have a great day!

Happy Wednesday!

Do you see Mr. Chips in the background! He's wondering why Lilly is laying on the towels and he knows she would never have a bath! Hmmm, maybe she is just hiding from Buffy!
Have a great day!

Sunday is a great day for a walk!

Hey friends, we went on a nice walk yesterday around the neighborhood! This time
I had to stay on a leash!Something smells really good here! I'm wondering if I can eat it!

What this! Could it be....

No, just a friendly neighborhood dog that wanted to play...

Oh boy, more good smelling stuff...

Pretty daffodils...

This is a pretty lake across the street from our home!
Notice the sign, NO TRESPASSING!

Pretty tree in our yard.

Phew, I'm back, notice the leash is off and I'm free again!

Have a great day!