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Summer vacation is over

Hello Friends,

After a long hot summer, I'm back...a lot of traveling, working, changes, but I'm back.

So to get right into the swing of things, all my pets are fine.  I have taken over my mother's farm and we are searching and searching for a new barn manager!  YIKES!!

 I want to start posting again about this way overdue gift that my Winston received from the blogger, "WINSTON".  Mr Chips insisted on wearing the beautiful scarf...It didn't fit my Winston, Winston is like a football player, he has a HUGE neck!

Lots of nice gifts for my Winston and he will be sharing.  I received this package in JUNE!  Yes, that makes me the worse blogger of the month!  Posting it in August, really, at least I didn't wait for September! 

Lots and lots of nice toys and dog food and a nice bag for me!  YEAH!!!

I hope you all have a nice day and go on over to see Winston

I'm off to visit and try to catch up!