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I am a robot....

Have fun today everyone!!


Yeah, it's the weekend!

This is my Mom's idea of being funny...

Have a fun day!


Guess who's one month old today!

Hi Friends!
Thank you again for all your prayers and for keeping your paws crossed, for my niece. She is doing good and the doctors are pleased with her progress and they hope she will be going home soon.  Probably over the weekend!  Just in time for Halloween, one of my nieces favorite holidays!    "The Little One" is one month old today! Can you believe it!  It seems like it was just yesterday that she was born. It is so funny how Lilly loves to hang around when I feed her!  My daughter went into the hospital to visit her cousin (my niece)... The other two cats, Lou and Scooter aren't too interested in her, which is OK!!
The dogs don't seem to mind her either and it's pretty funny, even if it gets real loud with the dogs barking if someone is at the door, she doesn't even flinch!  That is very good, she must have been use to all the noises because my daughter was home all day while she was pregnant!  Sometimes, when other babies come over the dogs have a tendency on scaring the other little ones if they bark...not good~so I have to put them in another room! 

I hope you all had a nice day!


Asking for your prayers *** UPDATE****

 Hi Friends,

This is my niece's baby, Penny's daughter, her baby was due the day after my daughter's baby. She had her baby yesterday, twelve days late! She had a beautiful baby girl 7 # 5 oz  and my niece had very serious complications.   Both her arteries into the uterus were torn from the attached placenta.  She lost two-thirds of her blood and is in serious condition.  Yesterday it was grave  and this morning she is having surgery.  I am asking for as many prayers, good thoughts you can send.  This is very serious and I appreciate all your prayers for her.  When I left her last night, she was talking and was very weak.   That fact that she  was talking was a blessing because they were keeping her in a twilight sleep after she gave birth.  She had several transfusions also.  This is horrible and very scary. 

My niece is doing great! Thank you for all the prayers and well wishes.  They are moving slow with her and they are pretty sure she will make a full recovery and will not have to have a hysterectomy.  The Doctor said this type of problem only happens about once every two - three months.  It was not her arteries as they first thought, they think it was something to do with her blood vessels, they still are not sure why she hemorrhaged or what caused it, they just said that if she had a home delivery, it would have been a lot  worse for her.  This is why he doesn't like home deliveries.   She still has a long road ahead of her, but she looked 100% better than last night! 
I will keep you posted!

Thank you again and again!

It is time to get up!

It is 6:30 AM on Wednesday.  A few weeks ago, I told you how I have to
wake Ariel in the morning!  The video is a little dark and I'm not sure
why, but you get the gist~
Have a great day my furiends!


Farm Animal Blessing

Farm Animal Blessing

Lord of the field, pour out an abundant stream,
flowing thick as honey, rich as butter.
Lord of the sky, shower us with grace.
May the air be full of sweetness, heavy with dew.
Energize us with herbs and fruits of the field.
Lord be good to us and guide us.
May our animals work heartily.
Give us joy in our labor, and let our plow yield a ripe harvest.
(Author unknown)

Have a nice weekend!


This is what happens when GIGI is babysitting!!

Happy Friday Friends! I'm babysitting today for my granddaughter for about one hour  and this is how it goes.... She is sleeping right next to in her little pack and play and here comes Lilly on my desk..
 Hey, she is thinking, I sleep in there.  Lucky for me my camera is on my desk. I'm waiting to see what she does.
 Lilly looks in and decides it safe to go for it...I'm thinking my daughter would flip out but I can tell Lilly would not even touch her...plus I'm right here. Rule number one in our house...never leave the baby alone!
 Lilly laid down and started cleaning herself! I'm in trouble now if my daughter saw this!!  Now look at Lilly, I'm saying "Time to get out"!!  This is all in about one minute time...
 AWWW, this is better...Now when my daughter comes home, she'll say, what did you do??? I will say, maybe you should read my blog!!
Have a great day everyone!


Let the Church Bells Ring!!

Yeah! The miners were saved!

God Bless the Chile miners and everyone who helped with the rescue!  I am so happy they were saved!! Can you imagine, over one billion people were watching this on TV...  Good news for the whole world.  This is definitely a feel good moment!


I can't believe this happened!

It's Fall and Mom kept talking about this...a fence to keep us off the pool when it's covered.
 I was jumping  over the fence until they made it higher this weekend!
 So, maybe I can dig under it!
 Nope, if I keep trying, maybe, just maybe I can get over the top!
 Forget it!  Can you PLEASE just get me out of here!
Your not listening...
There you go, that's all I wanted, nice and comfortable under my desk!

Hope everyone is happy!  If not, you can take Smoke's advice,  just keep trying to jump the fence!


Have a nice Columbus Day Weekend!

 It was a busy week and Lilly is just too tied to watch TV and Buffy has been very busy watching over the "Little One"!

 Look! My eyes are open! 

Have a great weekend!


Guess where we are today!

Hey furiends, Scooter here, today is a very special day for us, we were the guest post over at Pet Blogs United!  Mom wrote a story titled: "How did I ever get all these amazing pets?"  Good question and if you want to find out.....the suspense I'm sure is getting to you....then you will have to over and check out Oskar and Pam's nice blog at PBU!

Happy Thursday everyone!


WOW! It's not even my birthday!

You can see Mr. O'Riely's yellow head!

Happy Monday!
P.S.  I love my kids and Mr. O'Riely does too!

What's this!

Have a good Monday! 

Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star....


Please meet our newest family member, our granddaughter!  She is just so sweet, six pounds, 10 oz's and born on Wednesday, September 29th~  Mom and baby are doing great!! 
It is now time for me to have fun being a Grandma, aka GIGI!
Have a great day!