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My Pets

Cast of Characters

Angel Ariel - August 1, 1997 - May 16, 2012

Mr. Chips - September 1, 2005

Winston - December 9, 2002

Lucky - Rescued July 2010

Buffy - Adopted November 2, 2009 - Birthday June 3, 1999

Lou - April 7, 2003

 Smokes - April 12, 2002

Lilly - September 9, 2006

Scooter - March 12, 2007

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What Matters Most is Kindness

Paws and Pray

About Me

I love my pets and all animals. I have three dogs, two Maine coon cats, one large horse and a mini donkey. I'm a saleswoman by trade and I love to hang out at the farm.

My pets are gentle, funny, amazing and they seem to have many different personalities. All they want is to be treated with love. I grew up on a farm with many pets from hamsters to horses and I never thought in a hundred years I would have so many pets when I left my childhood home. I thought having a lot of pets was crazy, but I do have a lot of pets and it is a lot fun and a lot of hard work keeping up with their appointments from the vet to the groomers and everything in between.

In our home, the pets are part of the family. I hope you enjoy my pet stories and tips. If you would like to ask me a question, please email me at dgm1930@gmail.com

Thank you!