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Lady Godiva

My sister-in-law and brother rescued this Sphynx cat a few years ago. Her name is Lady Godiva!

She is about four years old and very much a love! She appears to be hairless, but some Sphynx have peach fuzz covering them. She feels like Chamois leather. Because she does not have hair, she could get cold very easily, so you can often find her sleeping under covers or next to her family! Even though I tease my sister-in-law and tell her that her cat reminds me of E.T., she just laughs at me! She also has to be bathed often because she will get an oily feeling to her. Mostly all Sphynxes are intelligent, curious, highly energetic and very affectionate to their owners.


Tamara Dawn said...

Oh she is cool! She does kind of look like ET, lol! At least they don't have to worry about cat hair!

I can't wait to see your Drabby to Fabby pics! So many people are timid to try it, but it is really fun :)

The Silver Age Sara said...

I had two sphynx cats for many years before they left for the Rainbow Bridge. They were so much fun and snuggled under the covers at night and felt like two little hot water bottles. They also have a great personality.