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International Rabbit Day!

Who would ever know this, certainly not me! Rabbit lovers, all over the world, (I love all rabbits) are getting ready for a very special holiday, International Rabbit Day! I was surfing the web and there it was, posted on dozens of sites! International Rabbit Day is September 25, but some rabbit lovers celebrate it on the fourth Saturday of September. This is the day that rabbit lovers protect all rabbits, pets and the ones in the wild. People take time out to learn neat things about their pet, such as the rabbit diet, what to give your rabbit for toys, health of your rabbit and the list just keeps going on and on. All kinds of interesting things are found on rabbit sites. They are also asking you not to indulge yourself on rabbit meat! I have never done this, but I do want to share with you that my husband, who grew up in Northern Minnesota, his wonderful grandmother would catch the rabbit, then they would have them for dinner. This I'm sure is something that you need not to know! I would never eat a rabbit nor have I ever eaten rabbit meat, which is my own personal preferences and thankfully, my mother's also!

If you like rabbits and you have done all the research you can on owning a rabbit as a pet, maybe now is the time to adopt a rabbit or two. Rabbits love company and they are happiest in pairs if you don't have enough time to play with them!

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