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I changed it again!

I am changing my blogs theme again..I like this lay out and I hope you do too! I did love the parrot picture, I may just post that on the side bar.. Good Idea!

Lou, went to the Veterinary office today for his annual checkup. He weighs 13#, the same as last year! He was fine until I got him in the actual office, then he went a little crazy on me.. The vet was someone different than normal, but I wouldn't think Lou would remember that! Maybe he does remember who's who! I never really thought about it. Cat's must remember people.. Then the technician gave me an update on feline nutrition. My instructions say that cats require high levels of protein, moderate fat and restricted amounts of carbohydrates in the diet. It is also important to feed a diet that is manufactured and processed with high quality, organic or natural ingredients that are void of chemical preservatives and artificial flavorings. Remember, what I have mentioned in the past, if your Grandmother didn't eat it, you shouldn't either, I guess that pertains to your Grandmothers pet's also! I now have a new list of food that I will go shopping for, because I believe my Vet about what a cat should eat. I will let you know how my three cats like their new diet. But if you do switch to a new diet, remember to do it gradually or you will have one sick cat on your hands!

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