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Guess who's turning 65!!

If haven't been to my other site, then your thinking to yourself, who turned 65!! The American Icon "Smokey the Bear". I couldn't believe that he is 65 years old already! I sound like I'm talking about one of my kids, but I have to say, I did grow up loving Smokey the Bear.

A funny story happened last year to me that involved Smokey. There was a horrible thunder and lightning storm at about 1 AM. The thunder was so loud, I actually said, OH OH, I bet one our neighbors got hit, then no lie, about 30 seconds later, our fire alarms were screaming there bloody heads off! Before we knew what happened, we had every fire truck in town and a police man standing in our front yard looking for the hit. Well, fortunately, nothing happened, it must of just hit the circuit to the alarm. Well, as the fireman was exiting our home, he turned to me and said, nice pajamas..What? I replied..well, it turned out, I was wearing my Smokey the Bear T-Shirt. OK, now that is so embarrassing, I couldn't have on something nice, I just had to wear Smokey that night. I'm sure he had to tell his wife that one..Crazy Story!

Here's a small fact about Smokey that I never knew before, even though, I have always called him Smokey the Bear, in fact his name is simply, Smokey.

I will end with this quote from Smokey, himself: "Only You Can Prevent Wildfires".

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