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OK~~ So your want to buy a new pet!

So you want to buy a new pet and your thinking, HMMMM, what kind of pet would I like? You can either think about this or buy randomly, like my family has a bad habit of doing.. The first thought that comes to mind is what type of home do I live in, is it big, small, will the landlord allow pets, am I allergic to anything.. so many questions with so many pets to choose from. Another huge consideration would be, can you easily afford this new family member, especially in this economy? Again, that depends on your pet purchase, obviously a fish will be a lot less expensive than a dog or cat for instance. Sometimes, people forget that dogs and cats should be at the veterinarian office for there yearly check ups/shots and so on. This is very costly, especially if you have a large variety of pets, like me! Every time you turn around, one of your four legged friends needs something done! Sometimes, they cost more than your two legged kids! They also need to be fed, groomed, walked, played with, and loved..Another consideration would be, should you adopt a pet or should you buy from a breeder! That is your own preference, but the most important thing to do, is a back ground check on both, make sure the animal rescue or breeder is highly recommended and is clean and the pets are all happy and there are absolutely NO SICK PETS in there facility. You can even ask for references, they should be very happy to supply you with a couple of non-family members phone numbers...

Another thought comes to mind is what happens when you go on vacation or you just want to go away for a long romantic weekend, boarding can be very costly, so if you don't have someone lined up before you receive your new family member, you may not be going anywhere for a very long time!!

I hope you think about all the what ifs before you run out for that new family member! A lot of pets are left at animal shelters or abandoned on the side of the road and then you feel bad for everyone involved, including the pet, for a very long time and that my dear friends, is not really worth it!

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