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Winston's Halloween Mask & My New Button!

I don't know if you noticed, but Tamara from Cheapskate Designs created me a new button for this blog! Now you can take my beautiful button with you! It matches perfect and I just love it! I hate to keep repeating myself, but in this case I feel I must, Tamara is awesome to work with and if you need design work or a button, she is the person to call! Cheapskate Designs is currently working on two more buttons for me! I can't wait to see them..

I have been giving this some serious thought..I would love to have you post your animal pictures with me for Halloween! How cute would that be. You can email me your Halloween Pet Photo's and I will put them on my blog throughout the month of October! That would be so much fun and I hope you join in!! I have been trying to capture my pets with masks and guess what, they hate to wear them! So please, email me at dgm1930@gmail.com your cute little furry friends all dressed up and I will show them off to everyone in October!

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