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Bud is trying out his new leash!

Bud is out for a walk on this beautiful day! Now we have him on a leash because he has learned he can take off extremely quick! Here's something interesting about Bud, he does not like carrots! I thought all rabbits like carrots, but according to my son, that is a myth made up by Bugs Bunny! Don't quote me on that, but that's what he told me! My daughter's fiance will give Bud a bath about every two weeks, he takes Bud for car rides and now for walks! I just don't let him get on any furniture because he is not quite bunny box trained yet and that could be a disaster, if you know what I mean!


Chris said...

how adorable Bud is. A rabbit who doesn't like carrots - that flies in the face of every cartoon from my youth.

Sharon said...

Bud is adorable!! And no carrots? That is funny - I thought they liked them, too!!

I have a site to share with you. It is www.pawsnpilots.org. Don't know if you have heard of it, but a friend told me about it recently! Hope you have a good week!

Maria said...

How cute!!