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Views of George Town

Hi Friends,  we are still in Grand Cayman and last night we went to the 
new mall they built. It was very lovely, but not a lot of stores.  
This is one of tallest building on the Island and they let you walk
 up the five flights, but I wouldn't because I am petrified of heights!
 So, I took the elevator from the third floor to the fifth.  The walls are all open, no glass and things like that make my legs go weak.  I can't even walk next to the opening in our church and that is only one story high!!!  They have a half wall up on the second story landing.  Hotels do the same thing...
The walls next to the staircase are all painted like a coral reef.  It is really pretty.
 Views from the fifth floor.  As you can see, the island is very flat and my son is laughing
is head off because I won't come close to the window! hehehehehe
 I wouldn't go any further than this!  The elevator is right behind me.

 Views of the painted walls. 

 Views from the third floor...

After the walk to the view George Town, we stopped in this restaurant.
While I was looking at the menu...
If you notice on Sunday's listing, you can bring your pet to brunch at this mall!  They waiter told me that they serve beef stew to your pets!! I thought that was awesome.  They also give 5% of the sales to the Cayman Animal Rescue.

Have a great day!


If you would like to see more pictures of this mall, please go to my other blog...


MadSnapper said...

it is beautiful and you did better than I would, i don't do heights at all, so would be minus the upstairs shots you got. i am like you, no walking close to anything up off the ground. beautiful place and amazing it is so open, best part is pet to brunch

Old Kitty said...

Awww it's a pretty building - but I too would stick to the ground level and head straight for that fab restaurant!! Yay for paw-friendly dining establishments!! Brilliant! Take care x

Two French Bulldogs said...

Such a beautiful place
Benny & Lily

Ginny Hartzler said...

You, me and Sandra both!!! We are all really scared of heights!! I am even afraid to walk past our basement door, for fear I might fall down the steps! Have to keep it shut. I love the colors they use!!! And those teal shutters in the first picture, that building is part of the mall? Well, did you buy anything?? I am mad at your son's dive instructor, he should not be teaching if you ask me!

sprinkles said...

It's so beautiful there!