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Hurricane Season

Well, it is very interesting being in the Caribbean during hurricane season. It can be nerve wracking if your not use to hurricanes. It is kind of like living in tornado alley, which I don't do that either.. That too would be a little nerve wracking for me also. The Island is a buzz with talk of where and when the hurricane is going to hit. I am assuming it is not going to be near Grand Cayman because I am glued to the TV. I constantly watch the Weather Channel in situations like this. Although I do have friends in the Brac, if they aren't worried, then I'm not either!
I was thinking about pet safety during the hurricane season and I came across some of these helpful hints...

1) Make sure you have proper identification of your pet.
2) Current photo of your pets.
3) Amble supply of food and water.
4) A cage or carrier/collar and leash with all the tags you should have, name/address

/rabies tag.
5) Medications.
6) Muzzle if needed.
7) Never leave your pet behind during an evacuation.
8) If you go to a shelter, the shelter may require your Veterinarian paperwork for proof of proper immunizations.

Where I come from we have a lot of thunder storms and my dogs are get very nervous during the thunder. Blizzards are easier.. Although we could loose power for days on end, I can't compare blizzards to a hurricane though. Ice Storms are also a disaster. Again, you should never leave your pets alone to take care of themselves. So it is always good to be prepared and take care of your animal family.

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