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It's Cloudy but Still Hot!

It's cloudy out today and I think I'm hearing the roll of thunder..Lucky for Ariel that she is not here right now because she is deathly afraid of thunder..she tries to get on my lap, because she gets so nervous.
I am hoping you are enjoying all my animal photo's. I never thought I would be snapping away like this! But I love doing it..Thank you again for viewing my blog. I have only been blogging for a month and I have had visitors from around the world. I actually went over the 100'th visitor today! I know some of you are thinking, that's not much... But it is, seeing I've only been up and running for a short time. I even have some people coming back! So I just want to send you a great big thank you!!
I have a title for Thursday now, "Meet Your Neighbor Day". If you want me to hi-lite your blog, just let me know! It will be really great to see what other people are blogging!
I hope today I will go to the Butterfly Farm. If I have any takers that is. If it stays like this, and chances are it will clear up, they family may not want to go. If I do go, you will be sure I will snapping photo's of all the beautiful butterflies!

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