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Time to fly back to reality!

Reality, now that's a good word! That is what I have to do starting today!! We fly back home today, and it takes about 12 hours door to door, only because of all the delays you have at airports! I truly loved coming on vacation and taking all of these fabulous pictures for you! I will miss my new pet, Frederick, he came to see me everyday!

My Pet Nanny emailed me today, and she said that my pets were very excited that we were coming home today! We are excited too! My son starts school next week and my daughter starts college! WOW, a lot of exciting doings!

I am going to update you on my pets tomorrow~I am sure you are also wondering how they are doing and if they did any crazy antics while we were gone!! The only one I know of is Smokes eating my signed Minnie Mouse from Rascal Flats!

I hope you have an amazing day!

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