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The pets are really happy to see us!

For those of you who don't know, I flew home yesterday from Grand Cayman, we left the hotel at 11AM and walked in to greet all my little pets at 3:30AM. It was unbelievable! The longest trip ever, but very happy to say, we are back! The dogs and cats were so happy to see us. Even the Maine Coon cats came by the door to greet us. I missed them so much also! Talk about a good group of pets!! Thanks to my Pet Nanny, they were clean, happy and healthy!!

The best part about vacation, for me anyways, is coming home! Don't ask me why, but maybe because I can't take the pets with me! I am just a creature of habit I guess, because as much as a commotion it is with the pets, I will miss them when I go. The only real problem was Smokes eating my Minnie stuffed animal, with the Rascal Flats autographs.. You can see the autographs on her torn dress! Then as I was taking this photograph, I noticed that Smokes also started to eat the couch! That doesn't bother me though, because the couch is very old and it is in the playroom! The kids won't mind!!

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