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Back to work!

Now that vacation is over, I am really getting back to reality! I hope you like my new background! I think it looks nice! Looking over my pictures for the past two weeks, there is no way I'm going to find colorful animals like the ones in Grand Cayman in my back yard or at my mothers farm! I will have to go to a pet store or the zoo to find the exotic animals!

I am going to get some pictures of the animals outdoors this week! You will see a big difference in the color of the birds as compared to the Caymans! I also won't get any Iguanas either! That was simply amazing that the Iguanas were everywhere! Way more than our squirrels!

Mr. O'Riely is singing away in the background! I also have to make an appointment to have his wings clipped! At the same time I am going to bring in the baby bunny to be neutered. He is beginning to spray everywhere and that is disgusting, especially when I am a clean freak in which you have to be with this many animals. After reading about bunnies, now is the time to do it! YIKES.. That is about as much drama you will get from my blog! Stress free and worry free!! So I hope I get followers even without the drama!

I hope you have an amazing day filled with joy!

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