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Vacation is winding down!

WOW, two weeks of vacation is winding down and taking all these pictures of the beautiful animals' in Grand Cayman was awesome! It was fun, running around with camera in hand, stopping in the middle of the roads for the Iguana's and birds! Do you know that we counted 37 Iquana's in a three mile stretch the other day on the road to the Grand Caymanian. Thirty Seven, are you kidding me...that is more than squirrels at home or even turkeys!! The weather has been great, every so often you could have a cold front come in and sit for about a week and that totally doesn't sit well with me! I think Dolphin Cove takes the prize for having the most fun! The kids truly enjoyed swimming with Dolphins and the nature trail was fabulous! My son would pick scuba diving to being the best part of the trip. I wish there camera didn't break because we would have had some awesome under water videos! Grand Cayman is suppose to be one of the top dive spots in the world! That is why we come here all the time!! The Turtle Farm was also a good place to stop, we do that every trip and it is always a crowd pleaser. We didn't make it to Hell this trip, but mostly all tourist do! People love to mail there postcards from Hell! My favorite part of the trip was eating out, as any good mother does! The Grand Caymanian has an awesome restaurant called the Blue Iguana and the wait staff and the chef are the best. We don't even have to leave the resort if we don't want too!! You can't meet nicer people than right at the Grand Caymanian.. They get five stars in my book! I also love to shop, sit in the sun and take lots of pictures! I hope to get a few more pictures today in my travels! I hope you have an amazing day!

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