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Smokes really does miss us!

Happy Monday, I'm still on vacation, and I just got an update from my "Pet Nanny", you remember Smokes, cute little Smokes, well he must really miss us! Not only did he tear up one of our pillows on the couch, he also tore up my "Rascal Flats" my most favorite Country Music Band in the whole wide world, Minnie Mouse doll that they autographed. It was one of the big stuffed animals! Oh well, that will teach me not to leave it on the floor where Smokes likes to hang out! All the other guys are doing great! I am very happy for that!
I have been looking at a lot of blogs out there in blog land and let me tell you, most of them are awesome. If you want me to hi-lite one your blogs, let me know! I am thinking of having Thursday's be my day to share with you other people's blog sites. If you happen to like my blog, you can join as my blog friend. It's easy to do, just click the friend button and your in!
I can't believe, I'm here in the Caribbean and school starts next week! I haven't done any school shopping yet, but it gets much easier when they are older. My daughter starts college..YEAH..I am so proud of her. My son is going into eighth grade. He is so handsome and tall. He is my sports player. Loves basketball and baseball, but most of all, he loves animals. HMMM, I wonder where that comes from! He would be flipping out right now if he reading this..
I think today I will try to get more photo's of some pretty amazing animals! Have a great day!
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