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Hot and Sunny!

I never did make it to the Butterfly Farm.. I didn't have any takers.. That's OK though, if you view back in my blog, you will see butterflies from my last trip to Grand Cayman. Well the good news is the Hurricane Bill is going to miss Grand Cayman. The bad news is, I am now wondering if it is going to be up in the Northern United States, because, as you guessed it, that is where I'm flying into Friday night.. When I heard this, I said ARE YOU KIDDING ME...So now, I am really watching The Weather Channel to see where Hurricane Bill is going. This is crazy, to me, anyways.
In case you were wondering where I have been, I have been working on my other blog, http://www.amazinganimalblessingsandprayers.com/ I have a new header and it looks great! You should take a look at it and let me know what you think! I get so excited over things like this!
Now if only I can learn to write like some of the other blogger's, things would be going great! I think there is a blog for everything, even for "how to take pictures", I am sure to look up that one again! I will also be visiting the blog about writing and the having the skills to write a good blog! That is just so funny to me, because I love to talk and talk and talk, but it's totally different writing down your thoughts. It comes out nothing like I say it, that is truly a gift that some people have !
I hope your having a great day and please don't forget to leave me any comments you may have!

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