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Happy Blogoversary too me!

Hey my furiends, guess what today is!! It is my Mom's Blogoversary! It has been one year already since she started blogging. The original title of her blog was "Meet my funny little animals" but she soon changed it to this current title. She has 397 posts...can you believe it! She talks a lot even when she is not on her blog!

Mom wanted to post some pictures from this past year, like, Winston walking in the snow that is deeper than himself.

Ariel, sleeping behind Mom's desk, this is Ariel's couch!
Remember "Paw it Forward"...this was fun and this past year we had adopted Buffy!
This is my Grandma at the "Blessing of the Pets" that was on October 4, 2009. We remember that because it's my Grandma's birthday that same day!! This year she is planning on taking all her pets! I think we will need a bus!!
This is Lou at Halloween...Before blogging, Mom never new how much fun it would be to dress up her pets. Her kids think she is a little tapped, but that's OK. Mom says it's fun and what do they know anyways!!
This is Bud as a baby and if you read back, his name was Thumper in the beginning, I don't remember that, but that is what my Mom's blog says. I don't even remember who or when we changed his name. We also adopted another rabbit from my human sister's fiance. Her name is Ciara, the one who just went missing and then found again!
Last but not list, the one legged bird Mom liked from the Cayman Islands and do you know this picture was taken in August 2009 and he is still alive and still at the resort. My Dad and human brother were just there and told me they saw him...I couldn't believe it either, but I don't think they would lie about that!!
Mom would like to say something now...Thank you Mr. Chips for that nice blogoversary message...I also want to thank everyone who follows my blog! I have enjoyed meeting you in the blogosphere and reading about your pets and your families too! I am now looking forward to the next year and I hope it is as much fun as this past year! Oh for those of you who are wondering, my news is coming tomorrow! Don't you just love the wait!

And "THEY" said it would never last.....



My Mind's Eye said...

Deborah and crew!!! Congrats on your one year blogaversary!!! WEll done too and so much love in each post,
Madi and Mom

Anonymous said...

HAPPY BLOGOVERSARY!!! Here's to many, many, many more!!!

Kea said...

A very happy Blogovesary to you, Deborah! Well done! Here's to many more years!!!

Remington said...

Congrats on one year! I look forward to many, many more!

Nicole and Macho said...

Happy bloaversary :)

I love the first picture in the post, such a cutie!

Doris Sturm said...

What a nice look back in time - what lovely animals and that one legged bird is amazing. Thanks, Deborah, for all you do for the animals and their humans. We appreciate your work and we love you with all our hearts and paws ;-0
Gizzy and his momma, Doris :-)

Daisy said...

Happy blogoversary to you!

Sami Boy said...

Congratulations! and lots of new more post!
Sami Boy

Teena in Toronto said...

Happy blogoversary :)

Old Kitty said...

Awwwwww!! HAPPY BLOGOVERSARY!!! It's so much fun meeting you all!! What great memories!! Thank you Mr Chips for such a fun post and a big hello to your grandma!! And that lovely one legged birdy! And all your furrblings!! Fantastic!

We are on tenterhooks about your great news tomorrow....!!

Take care

Ginny Hartzler said...

Happy, happy anniversary!! I am so glad we met! The pictures are so good!! The snow picture is so funny! I remember Thumper from Bambi. Why did you change the name? I remember flower the skunk, too. My husband had a pet crow growing up named Billy. For some funny stories about him, you cna check out my post from June 3 "Memories Of Billy". Also to find out how the crow became black, you can read my post from June 4 "I Gotta Crow". Being an animal lover like me, I know you will enjoy these, and they are short.

♥♥ The OP Pack ♥♥ said...

Congrats on the big ONE year blogaversary!!!!! And thanks for the look back photos too.

We always enjoy coming here to visit.

Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

little princess Luna~ said...

Happy Blogoversary furend~!!!! :D


Unknown said...

Wow! Happy anniversary to the whole clan!
Cheers, Patsy & Frankie :-)

Duke said...

Happy blogoversary! We can't wait to hear your news!

Love ya lots
Maggie and Mitch

NAK and The Residents of The Khottage Now With KhattleDog! said...

Happy Blogoversary!

Here's to many more!


D.K. Wall said...

Happy Blogoversary! Such a great milestone (though we really thought you had been doing it longer).

Thor and Jack said...

Happy Blogoversary! =)

sprinkles said...

Happy Blogaversary! I just found your blog and enjoyed the look back with the pictures.

Here's to many, many more years!

Golden Woofs! SUGAR said...

Woof! Woof! happy Happy Blogversary. Glad to be blog friends. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

Lorenza said...

Happy Blogoversary! And many more to come!
I loved seeing all those pictures!
Kisses and hugs

Anonymous said...

;) http://i30.tinypic.com/4in30n.jpg

The Silver Age Sara said...

Congratulations on your 1st year of blogging. I loved the pictures but the snow picture was my favorite. Here's to many more years blogging.


Congratulations! and lots of new more post!