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5 ft Trans-Pecos Albino Rat Snake

One of my followers sent me this photo of his 5 foot trans-pecos albino rat snake..He doesn't have a name and he was asking if any any of you could come up with a good name! He is not slimy, he is more cold and scaly. He doesn't do much, just hangs around his little tree. He eats two baby rats every two weeks. YUCK! If you can think of a name, please just leave me a comment! Thanks and don't forget to hug your pet!


Connie said...

How 'bout Ewwww!
Thanks for visiting the other day! My first visit over here and I have to say Smokes had me at Hello. Those eyes are so wise, so blue, so deep! My daughter wanted a huskie until she was scared half to death standing next to a full grown one; she was only 6 at the time. We ended up with a cream pom instead. Lots of hair, lots of baths, lots of groomer trips and lots of attitude but we love her.

tori said...

I say Albie (short for albino)

Maxmom said...

Hey there, Deborah
That is one awesome animal!
My immediate reaction for a suggested name is "MIDNIGHT"...
I love contrasts and this seems the perfect contrast. In addition to this...we went on an organised 'Scorpion walk' last night. Scorpions best viewed 'at night' because they show up totally white (like your buddy's snake) under flourescent torches.
So, please do suggest "MIDNIGHT"...it seems perfect.
Luv Max's Mom in South Africa.
(will blog about the Scorpion walk soon, I think.)

The Silver Age Sara said...

All I can think of is "White Snake" after the rock group. Anyway, I loved seeing the photo and I admire snakes but just from far away.

Goose said...

Oscar was the first name that popped in my head