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Award Day!

Hey everyone! I received a couple of fun of awards this week and I would like to share them with you! The first pretty award is from my friend over at Rekindleme. She is an artist and a pet sitter!

There are six steps for this award...

1) Post the award on my blog.

2) Thank the person who gave it to! Thank you!!!

3) Link to the person who gave it to you!

4) Share at least 7 things about you.

5) Choose 7 great bloggers to give this to you...Although I can't do that because I think you all deserve it!

6) If you do choose 7 bloggers, please share their link and leave a comment on their blog.

This nice award came from my friend,Pat over at Critteralley. Thank you Pat!!! She has a great blog and enjoys reading and writing critter stories.
Again, the same rules apply. So here goes...seven interesting things about us.

1) Ariel and Buffy sleep late every day.
2) Mr. Chips will only eat his treats in the laundry room.
3) Smokes like to stay outside rather than inside with his sisters and brothers.
4) Mr. O'Riely will imitate your whistle some of the times.
5) Lilly does not like her hair brushed but Scooter loves it and Lou could care less either way!!!
6) Smokes does not like his picture taken, but everyone else loves it!
7) Smokes will tell you when he wants to go to bed. He will look at you and bark and circle around.
This last cute doll was made by my bloggy friend, Doris Strum. She also has a cute little puppy, Gizzy. As you can see she loves to crochet and she entered a contest that she would like to win. If you like to crochet and would like to vote for her, please visit her site and click on her "vote for me box" in the side bar.
Do I like to crochet, I think I would if I knew how to do it! Doris does a lot of nice work!
I am having a lot of fun with GABE! Thank you everyone for your nice comments and following! I have met a lot of nice new friends and also have revisited with old friends!

Have a good day!


Sam said...

Congratulations on the awards! Have a wonderful holiday weekend!

Kari in Alaska said...

Is there a reason he only eats his treats in the laundry room?

Jacqueline said...

Congratulations on your awards; I enjoyed reading your list...Cute doll...Happy Easter.

NAK and The Residents of The Khottage Now With KhattleDog! said...

Khongrats on those pawesome awards and fur sharing those 'things'

I understand the being outside part - I'm akhtually there now and telling Mom what to paw fur me!



Concats on all of your wonderful awards!

Hoppy Easter!


dArtagnan Rumblepurr/Diego Hamlet Moonfur said...

Well done you guys! A good award and good answers!

Elizabeth Mahlou said...

I love Thursday's picture! Wishing you and your furry friends a joyous Easter!

the booker man said...

gratsers on your shiny awards, miss deborah!! :)
happy easter!
the booker man

Unknown said...

I've never see the Kreativ Blogger award. I'll rush over to your friend's. I'm so glad to hear what you wrote about GABE.

Lorenza said...

Congratulations on your Awards!
I hope you all are having a great weekend!
Kisses and hugs

♥♥ The OP Pack ♥♥ said...

Congrats on your beautiful awards. We also tell Mom when it is bedtime. Phantom just heads to his crate. Thunder and Ciara woo at Mom to get the treats ready - they know exactly what time they want to go to bed.

Mom loves that crocheted doll - she loves to crochet but wishes she could knit. We will head over to vote for your friend.

Woos - Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara